Married at First Sight Australia 2022 has been the most explosive season of the infamous social experiment to date but amongst the drama, there have been countless iconic moments that are sure to go down in the MAFS Hall of Fame (shame?).

The MAFS producers really bought their A-game when casting the show’s 2022 season. This year’s contestants range from wholesome (looking at you, Al!) to full-blown chaotic, and everything in between.

Married at First Sight Australia 2022
MAFS 2022 has been… a lot. Source: Nine.

This messy mix of personalities has made for total TV gold and plenty of giggles along the way.

So, scroll with us as we recount the most iconic moments of MAFS 2022.

Brent Vitiello’s “Foot Thing”

MAFS 2022 Brent foot phobia
In the very first episode of MAFS 2022 we were made aware of Brent’s aversion to feet. Source: Nine.

The entire season kicked off on a laughable high when Brent Vitiello revealed his raging phobia of feet.

Prior to his wedding to Tamara Djordjevic, the 33-year-old confessed that he was terrified of all things foot-related and throughout his wedding had to remind himself to ‘not look down”.

Upon meeting his bride he sighed: “Ah, she has nice feet”. He did also note that she was a “psycho,” too.

MAFS 2022 Brent and Tamara wedding
Brent had to remind himself to “not look down” during his wedding to Tamara. Source: Nine.

Luckily, Brent managed to go toe-to-toe with his biggest fear.

At the time we thought this would be a YUGE subplot of MAFS ninth season but it was completely buried underneath, well, all of the other drama.

Mitch Eynaud Does Naked Handstands Because, Why Not?

MAFS mitch naked handstand
Mitch did naked handstands in the shower during him and Ella’s honeymoon. Source: Nine.

Married at First Sight may be a PG show, but contestants are still partial to some occasional nudity – namely, Mitch Eynaud.

Back when he and Ella Ding were freshly wed (before all the drama went down), Mitch made the most of the spacious shower in their Honeymoon abode.

The groom gave us all a giggle when he did a naked handstand for the camera.

Al Perkins Does a Shoey (Twice)

Al Perkins‘ presence has been an undeniable highlight of Married at First Sight 2022.

The fan favourite has served up several iconic MAFS moments (honourable mention for when he did the worm at his wedding to Samantha Moitzi), but none as notable as his multiple shoeys.

The young groom set the internet ablaze when he took part in the Aussie tradition during the very first dinner party of MAFS‘ ninth season.

Al pressured Matt to do a shoey also… and then drank the leftovers. Source: Nine.

Said dinner party was tense AF. In case you forgot (like you could ever forget), it was the one where Selin Mengu and Anthony Cincotta came in separately and… chaos ensued.

Bébé Al knew EXACTLY what was needed to lift the spirits of the group.

Much to his bride’s disapproval, Al announced that it was time for “a shoey”.

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The loveable larrikin could never be satisfied with just one shoey for the MAFS season.

Whilst we were busy being thirsty for Al, Al was thirsty for a beer!

At the third dinner party of the season, the groom welcomed the six intruders by yelling “INITIATION!!!!!!!!” and forcing a shoey into the hands of Matt Ridley. He then proceeded to drink the leftovers out of his shoe. Yum.

The MAFS Experts Roast Selin Mengu

Mel Schilling married at first sight 2022
The MAFS experts have been on smoke throughout the ninth season of the show. Source: Nine.

It wouldn’t be a roundup of the most iconic moments of MAFS 2022 without a quick nod to the experts.

This season, John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla actually seemed to do their jobs and called out deserving contestants on many occasions.

Whilst watching daddy expert John grill Olivia Frazer, Anthony Davis and Carolina Santos on separate occasions was delightful, the roastings began with the trios takedown of Selin Mengu – hence, it must be noted.

Selin smirked after Anthony recounted what went down during their honeymoon on Married at First Sight Australia 2022.
Selin smirked after Anthony recounted what went down during their honeymoon. Source: Nine.

When Selin tried to defend herself for being a toxic AF wife to Anthony, Mel stepped in to shut. Sh*t. Down.

“It’s kind of demeaning and puts him down and he’s showing vulnerability which is one of the most courageous things you can do in a relationship. He’s stepping up and doing that. And you’re putting him down each time he does it.”

John jumped in to add: “It showed disrespect, and it was condescending and by the time Anthony walked into that dinner party, he was a marked man.”

Holly Greenstein’s Wild AF Letter to Andrew and the Group

Holly Greenstein had an unfairly sh*t go on MAFS 2022.

After her castmates sided with her Texan Tool groom Andrew Davis, the bride rocked up to her next (and final) Commitment Ceremony with more receipts than a Kmart register.

The preceding dinner party saw Holly ambushed by her MAFS peers after  Andrew chatted total sh*t about her prior to her arrival.

holly greenstein letter married at first sight australia 2022
Holly dragged her MAFS peers at her final Commitment Ceremony. Source: Nine.

Accordingly, Holly took to the couch to DRAG her fellow contestants and relay that Andrew was, in fact, a sh*t fake husband and they were all mean.

She then left the experiment in a blaze of glory to return to her manifesting.

Chicken Twistie-Gate

MAFS Kate and Matt
 Kate and Matt’s MAFS wedding was tarnished by Matt having chicken twistie breath. Source: Nine

Sometimes you get to see an iconic MAFS moment in the making and anyone who tuned in to Matt’s wedding to Kate Laidlaw was lucky enough to witness chicken twistie gate unfold in real-time.

Whilst the nuptials started off only slightly cringe, things took a turn for the worse after Matt *whispered* to Kate: “sorry about my breath. I just had some chicken twisties”.

Kate was f*cking horrified and the incident set the precedent for their utter sh*tstorm of a marriage.

R.I.P to both of their dignity, but it made for some fabulous entertainment.

Jack Millar Swings a Vibrator Around and Cackles Like a Hyena

MAFS 2022 Jack Millar
MAFS fans were in stitches after hearing Jack’s awkward, hyena-like laugh. Source: Nine.

Ah yes! ~Intimacy Week~.

When MAFS‘ resident sexologist Alessandra Rampolla brings out the big guns (AKA, the sex toys) for the newlyweds to “strengthen their connections,” we know we are in for some laughs.

However, we never could have foreseen that one groom, Jack Millar, would be so taken by Alessandra’s presents that he would WAVE AROUND A VIBRATOR.

MAFS 2022 Jack Millar intimacy week
Jack was taken by Alessandra’s intimacy week toys, saying it was “like Christmas, but with stuff that goes in you”. Source: Nine.

The groom proceeded to joke that it is “it’s like Christmas, but with stuff that goes in you” whilst cackling like a hyena.

Jack, bless your cotton (vegemite) socks.

Mitch Eynaud “Hates Cameras”

MAFS 2022 Mitch Eynaud cameras
Mitch lamented that he “hates the cameras”. Source: Nine.

It’s safe to say that Mitch was no saint during his stint on MAFS 2022. However, he did deliver us one very iconic moment.

After he and Ella were pushed to make out on camera as part of an Intimacy Week task, the groom exploded.

Mitch went on a wild rant about how he “hates f*cking cameras” and just “wants privacy” – it’s as if he completely forgot that he was on a reality TV show!

Daniel Heisting the YouFoodz After Leaving the Experiment

MAFS 2022 Daniel Youfoodz
Daniel stole a bunch of YouFoodz containers when he left MAFS. Source: Nine.

Daniel Holmes‘ relationship with his MAFS bride Jessica Seracino ended quicker than Matt could get through a bag of chicken twisties.

After his fake wife yeeted herself out of Skye Suites, Daniel refused to go home empty-handed.

Hence, he took with him someone else’s wife and a sh*t ton of YouFoodz ready meals. Gotta get them gainz somehow, amirite?

Al and Dion’s Father and Son Moment

The Married at First Sight 2022 couple’s retreat bore witness to several scandalous moments – notably, the explosive glass-smashing incident.

However, nothing could take our attention away from Al and Dion Giannarelli having a twinsies moment, after Dion let his fellow groom borrow one of his bright Adidas tracksuits.

The pair were visionary in respective blue and red sweat sets. Unfortunately for Dion, Al did a phat worm in the borrowed garment. Iconic.

The Entire F*cking Cast (Except Olivia and Jackson) Walk Out

MAFS Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos. Married at First Sight 2022
Carolina Santos asked to re-enter the MAFS experiment with Daniel Holmes. Source: Nine

It is no secret that the cheating scandal was one of the biggest storylines of Married at First Sight Australia 2022.

Whilst the scandal itself was quite hard to watch, one of the season’s most iconic moments came when Carolina and Daniel’s affair was exposed and the ENTIRE CAST (bar Olivia Frazer and Jackon Lonie) walked their asses out of the Commitment Ceremony.

MAFS 2022 Carolina and daniel
Daniela and Carolina asked to reenter the experiment as a new couple and the other contestants walked out. Source: Nine.

After they all returned they had to listen to Carolina and Daniel’s request to reenter the experiment as a new couple.

Jack said “uhh no,” Brent jabbed that they were just after “fifteen minutes of fame,” and our kween Domenica whispers “mole”.

The MAFS experts also DRAGGED them and all-around it just made for hilarious viewing.

Jack and Domenica’s Home Stay

Jack and Domenica MAFS Homestay
Jack and Domenica’s MAFS homestay was incredibly wholesome. Source: Nine.

For some (*cough* Cody Bromley and Selina Chhaur) MAFS‘ Home Stays week was pretty abysmal.

However, for Jack and Domenica it was an utter delight – and an opportunity for Domenica’s dad John to show off his bright yellow crocs at their family farm.

John also took the chance to show Jack his sheep-slaughtering room and intimidate him whilst lifting weights.

On a more wholesome note, we got to see the families of the couple unite. And, despite one unit being from the north of Italy and the other from the south, they managed to get along swimmingly.

Dion Giannarelli – That’s It, Just Everything About Him

Married at First Sight Australia 2022 Dion Giannarelli
Dion was constantly the best dressed at every MAFS function. Source: Instagram diongiannarelli.

Ah, sweet, poor Dion was the penultimate victim of Married at First Sight 2022. He may have two-timed by Carolina but at least the swanky groom won over all of our hearts and provided plenty of iconic MAFS moments.

We first met Dion at his wedding, after Carolina took a jab at his height, he said: “It doesn’t matter. I’m ten-foot tall when I stand on my wallet”.

The property developer continued to serve lewks at every single MAFS gathering (honourable mention for the sequined Dinner Party jacket).

After Inciting Violence, Selin Chows Down on a Wrap

MAFS girls night Selin eating wrap

The respective Girl’s and Boy’s nights were the drama-filled pallet cleanser we needed before venturing into the final weeks of MAFS.

Former bride Selin wanted to know all the goss she had missed since leaving weeks ago, but no one wanted to be the one to explain the whole glass-smashing and nude-leaking situation to her. 

Accordingly, they ignored her. Selin was pissed so started going in at Tamara which then caused the Queenslander to blow up.

Selin, having fulfilled the producer-designated task of starting drama, happily munched away on a wrap whilst sh*t hit the fan.

Mitch Has a Verbal Aneurysm

MAFS 2022 Mitch Eynaud
Mitch told Daniel off – using some wild vocab. Source: Nine.

The Girl’s and Guy’s nights were the gift that kept giving and if you thought Selin’s nonchalance was a total iconic MAFS moment then rejig your memory and start cackling at the recollection of Mitch’s wild vocabulary.

After cheater Daniel rocked up at the lad’s night, he received a verbal spraying from Dion.

Never one to be outdone, Mitch followed this up with a lecture of his own.

Maybe it was an overkill of craft beers, or maybe Mitch just has a secret second life as an eshay, but the groom’s slang raised a couple of eyebrows.

Some honourable mentions: “I don’t rate ya aye,” “is the p*ssy, good”, “yeh piss off ya dog” and “ya wiggin brah! Are ya wiggin brah?”

As Daniel stormed out, the model necked the rest of his nemesis’ wine. Free bevs – love that for him.

Olivia and Domenica’s Feud

Okay, now for the biggest, ongoing scandal of Married at First Sight Australia 2022.

The feud between Olivia and Domenica was one for the MAFS history books after the pair clashed multiple times early on in the season.

Things really (like, really) kicked off however when Olivia “called out” the feisty Italian for “calling out” Carolina’s treatment of Dion.

This was followed by a heated exchange at the couples retreat, which led to Domenica smashing a glass on the table in frustration.

Olivia, who “holds a grudge,” proceeded to stalk her rival online and discovered her OnlyFans account. She proceeded to save the image and distribute it around the group.

When she was called out by the experts for the (high-key illegal) act, Olivia divulged that she simply has “no empathy” and really couldn’t understand why Domenica was so upset.

Ai ai ai.

Brent’s Brutal (But Iconic) Takedown of Tamara At Their Final Vows Ceremony

MAFS 2022 tamara and brent final vows
Brent and Tamara’s final vows was a chaotic end to their chaotic TV marriage. Source: Nine.

After being gentlemanly, cordial, and putting up with so, so, so much sh*t throughout the MAFS experiment, Brent took the Final Vows as his opportunity to tell his fake wife Tamara exactly how he really felt.

And, his takedown of her was brutal, iconic, Oscar-worthy… all of the above.

While Brent said that, at some points, their relationship was fun, “the downhill spiral was filled with disrespect.”

“Closer to the end… your true colours showed. You became vindictive, spiteful and self-absorbed.” Oop! There it is.


“You are not God’s gift to humanity so stop looking down on everyone”!

MAFS 2022 Brent and Tamara final vows
Brent threw his speech onto the ground after roasting Tamara. Source: Nine.

That sentence… *chef’s kiss*.

“On that note,” Brent finished, “Good luck. Good riddance”.

Our MAFS king then THREW his cards on the ground and walked TF off… as he should!

Domenica Runs Through The Mud (Barefoot) To Jack

MAFS 2022 jack and Domenica Final Vows
Dom and Jack’s MAFS Final Vows were cute AF. Source: Nine.

Titanic’s Jack and Rose walked so that MAFS‘ Jack and Dom could run… barefoot into each other’s arms at their Final Vows.

Our beloved couple’s last “I do’s” were adorable, iconic, tear-jerking, etc.

But, the best moment of all, perhaps, was when Domenica was struck by the age-old issue: her stiletto kept sinking into the mud!

MAFS Domenica Final Vows barefoot
Domenica ran through the mud sans shoes. Source: Nine.

Given that our MAFS Kween is a total trooper, she simply yanked off her heels and squelched her way (sans shoes) to the platform upon which Jack stood.

Following their commitment, she declined to put on any footwear and fled the swampy ground, hand-in-hand with her beau.

Now THAT, ladies and gents, is a sign of love (or mild insanity).

Brent Calls Out Tamara’s Attempted Infidelity

mafs reunion dinner party
Brent took the reunion as a chance to expose Tamara for trying to cheat on him. Source: Nine.

After a dramatic AF season, it would only be right that the Married at First Sight reunion was equally as chaotic. Of course, the MAFS Gods delivered.

At the beginning of the Reunion Dinner Party, Brent suggested that each cast member go around and say one positive and one negative that came from the experiment. He suggested Tamara go first… *cough* pot-stirrer *cough*.

Tamara said her negative was that she had to leave her dog for so long, to which her ex-husband quipped: “Oh, so it wasn’t when you asked Mitch out and he rejected you?” BOOM.

Tamara was shook. Then, in an attempt to make things better, she actually just dug herself more of a hole.

Mitch revealed he had shown Brent the messages Tamara had sent him (prior to the Final Vows) and Ella told her that Mitch had said she had nothing to be threatened by in Tamara. Burn.

This was the precursor to a TONNE more drama during the night because, of course it was.

Dion Gets Sassy At the Reunion Dinner Party

Dion MAFS 2022
Dion had a dig at Carolina during the MAFS Reunion Dinner Party. Source: Nine.

While Brent’s aforementioned question at the Reunion Dinner Party may have been (definitely) targeted at Tamara, Dion took the opportunity to take a dig at his own ex-wife,”Carolina.

“Well, where do I begin?” He laughed. The man’s a showman, and we love it.

“Oh, starts with a speech,” utters his bitter MAFS partner, who had shown up with her new boyfriend Daniel.. *Eye roll*.

Carlina and Dion mAFS 2022
Carolina attended the MAFS reunion with Daniel, the groom she cheated on Dion with. Source: Nine.

Carolina then asked, “What’s your problem with me?” LMAO, Carolina. Everything.

She kept yelling and yelling over the top of him saying: “You need all the attention! Speech, speech, speech!” 

Dion FINALLY cut through her shouting and said: “Well, negatives… Jeez, there’s been a lot,” before shooting a VERY directed glance at the silent Carolina.

He then accused Daniel of having “$2 fake teeth that he got in Bali” It was amazing. It was iconic. We all laughed out loud.

John Rolled the Tapes On Olivia

The Married at First Sight Australia 2022 finale was just as chaotic as you would expect from a season as cursed as this one has been.

Selina and Cody broke up (like, during the reunion), Tamara stormed out and expert John roasted Carolina and Daniel’s entire relationship.

However, none of that was as glorious as when the experts rolled the f*cking tapes on Olivia.

After proclaiming that she and Domenica “had not gelled” (understatement of the century), John whipped out the receipts in the form of a video montage of Olivia’s most spiteful moments.

MAFS reunion 2022
The cast rewatched the glass smashing incident from earlier in the season. Source: Nine.

Accordingly, everyone got to see that Domenica, in fact, DID NOT “fashion a wine glass as a weapon” at her. She also admitted on camera to “googling,” her rival despite passing that blame on to her friends several times. Selin called Olivia “evil”.

In short, the experts made Olivia look like a total asshat. BUT: They failed to actually hold her accountable for her instigation of the nude photo scandal AKA sharing naked photos of Domenica behind her back AKA something that may have been illegal.

Regardless, the montage was still iconic and Domenica finally got to clear her name.

We can only hope that Married at First Sight 2023 will be as eventful as this series has been!

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