During Monday’s episode of Married at First Sight Australia 2022, Cody Bromley graciously invited his wife Selina Chhaur (and the whole of Australia) to see inside his Northern Beaches bachelor pad and we really wish he hadn’t.

Yes, okay, Cody is a “chill guy” but BRO that does not excuse not cleaning your house – like, ever!

MAFS 2022 Cody House Selina
Cody took his MAFS bride Selina to his house and the internet was not impressed. Source: Nine

Netizens found a great sense of humour and disgust in Cody’s feral humble abode, and let’s just say they had a lot of thoughts about the house tour we were privy to.

Cody’s Roommate Put Up a Wildly Innapropriate Poster of Selina

Upon arriving at Cody’s home, Selina was greeted by a host of bacteria as well as a wildly inappropriate poster hanging above Cody’s bed.

The groom’s housemate had created a poster depicting Selina holding partially-cut a watermelon in front of her crotch… with Cody next to her eating a piece of watermelon.

MAFS 2022 Selins Cody's House poster
Cody’s housemate photoshopped a weird picture of the MAFS couple. Source: Nine

Given that Cody’s roommate dressed up as Spiderman to crash his MAFS audition video, we shouldn’t have been shocked by the personal trainer’s Batman bed covers. But alas, we were.

Everything about this was just wildly uncomfortable to watch.

Dry retch count: One.

Selina was obvs uncomfy but strap in, girl — it gets a hell of a lot worse!

Cody Hasn’t Replaced His Fan In Aproximately… Ever

After spending the night in Casa Cody, Selina revealed she hadn’t slept that well. Wow, shocker!

For dramatic effect, the MAFS cameraman zoomed up on Cody’s pedestal fan which was quite literally covered in dust, rust and probably a bunch of other things that we would rather not know about.

Can someone please inform him that they are literally $12 BRAND NEW at Kmart?

We also got to see Cody’s lounge room which was kitted out with no more than four pieces of furniture. So, clearly, he’s a minimalist.

Selina looked a little tense about the state of Cody’s house and MAFS Twitter was having a field day with it.

Breakfast Time at Cody’s House Was Just As Bad As MAFS Fans Expected

Then, much to Selina’s dismay, it was breakfast time for her and Cody!

As you would expect, Cody’s fridge (and entire kitchen) was equally as shocking as the rest of his house.

For starters, his tap was broken. The sound of it squealing is forever burned into our brains now.

As Selina pointed out, the pipes under Cody’s sink were also broken, having leaked and left the cabinets underneath all soggy. Noice.

We were also treated to a peek inside of Cody’s fridge and all we have to say is Jesus f*cking Christ!

The only “food” Cody had in his house was some out of date fast food and alcohol. And to think this man is 30!!!!

Selina Was Trying To Be a Good Sport

In spite of the state of her one-star stay at Cody’s House, Selina put on a brave face for her MAFS husband.

Props to her, we guess?!

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