Cody Bromley’s Married at First Sight Australia 2022 audition tape was interrupted by a bizarre intruder and sorry, but we can not stop laughing.

In Cody’s MAFS tape, the 30-year-old tried to pour his heart out to whichever producer was prodding on the other end of the zoom call.

However, the poor groom’s heart-to-heart was interrupted by an unexpected guest. (No, not that kind of unexpected guest, get ya dirty mind out the gutter).

Cody MAFS audition tape
Cody Bromley’s MAFS audition tape was interrupted by spiderman. Source: Nine

Just as he started opening up about his hopes for the experiment, SPIDERMAN appeared at Cody’s window. WTF?

The groom was completely oblivious to the intruder until the producer noted that he “had a little friend” behind him.

Cody quite literally LOL’d, and so did we. Wild.

Cody Bromely’s MAFS Audition Tape Reveals What He Wants Out of the Experiment

During Cody’s MAFS audition, the groom claims he is “a sucker for opportunities”.

The yes man revealed that he is looking for a bride who “will go along for the ride” with him.

Ambiguous? Mysterious? Confusing? Tick all that apply.

We can’t help but notice that Cody has the same attitude to, well, pretty much everything, as Crush the turtle from Finding Nemo… Crush and Spiderman, the fictional multiverse duo we never knew we needed.

The groom is taking on Married at First Sight because he believes it’s a chance to “find someone who is on the same page.”

“You both know what you’re in for,” he clarified.

Ah yes, so they are both aware they will be taking on a social experiment run by sh*t-stirring producers. It sure makes for a great bonding experience.

We wonder if Cody’s bride Selina Chhaur knew what she was in for when she signed up for MAFS 2022? It’s sure been one hell of a season for her, to say the least.

MAFS Cody and Selina
Cody Bromely has been paired with Selina Chhaur for MAFS 2022. Source: Nine

Cody Bromely Admits to His Faults

The Sydney Northern Beaches local is a *chill* guy, but in Cody’s MAFS audition tape he admits that he can be “a bit of a pest” sometimes.

“I do struggle to admit when I’m wrong,” he confessed, adding that he “can be stubborn”.

He also revealed that this stubbornness is what led to problems in his past relationships, so he is hoping the MAFS experts can help him out. Spoiler: they probably can’t.

MAFS 2022 cody
Cody admitted in his MAFS audition tape that his stubbornness has seen the downfall past relationships. Source: Nine

He noted that he is also “very opinionated,” adding: “If I’ve got an idea in my head I’ll kind of push towards it and I won’t listen.” Cody added that he has been “working on it,” though.

We are glad all of Cody’s time spent *chillin’* has left room for self-reflection…

So, from what did we learn about Cody? We learned that he was vague AF and has a meddling friend with a Spiderman costume. The end.

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