As Married at First Sight Australia 2022 comes to an end so has Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic‘s hideously chaotic relationship — but first, they had to take on the dreaded Final Vows.

After being gentlemanly, cordial, and putting up with so, so, so much sh*t throughout the MAFS experiment, Brent took the Final Vows as his opportunity to tell Tamara exactly how he really feels.

His takedown of her was brutal – and Twitter’s reactions to their awkward yet satisfying ceremony were glorious!

MAFS 2022 tamara and brent final vows

The Pair Left The Experiment

“For Tamara and Brent, the future is looking bleak,” the narrator opened with, as if this is a new thing for them.

Following the sh*tstorm that was the preceding dinner party – ie. where Brent found out Tamara doesn’t even know what he does for a job and then threw his wedding ring on the table – the pair were not on speaking terms.

“You can have fun with Tamara…” Brent said, “But then you just say the wrong thing and she blows up”.

Married at First sight 2022 brent vitiello
Brent turned to his mum for advice prior to his MAFS Final Vows. Source: Nine.

At a loss for what to do, Australia’s boyfriend turned to his mum for some advice.

After her son relayed everything to her, Lana Vitiello told Brent to, in essence, take a good, hard look at himself.

“If he isn’t happy… f*ck Tamara.” Brent’s mum is the unsung hero of this MAFS episode.

MAFS 2022 Tamara
Tamara spoke with her friend Christie about Brent. Source: Nine.

Meanwhile, on the Gold Coast, Tamara and her bestie Christie had a goss sesh about her TV husband.

Christie told Tamara that when she met Brent via Zoom she did notice that he “wasn’t her type”.

Tamara again had go at Brent’s career choices despite not knowing what he actually does. SMH.

There is certainly a pattern here and we can not deal with it anymore. Thank god it is Final Vows because one more week of this MAFS madness would be too much.

Tamara’s Final Vows Were Packed With Backhanded Compliments

Ah yes, time for the Final Vows – the end of Tamara and Brent’s MAFS journey!

Tamara, who has no consideration for anyone else’s feelings, still continued to take shots at her MAFS husband as she entered the venue… and then she peppered more digs throughout her speech.

Married at First Sight Australia 2022 tamara final vows
Tamara took digs at Brent during her Final Vows. Source: Nine.

“I believe throughout this experiment there were so many times we could have given up and walked away,” she began.

“Out of all the couples, we really did put our all into this journey….However”. AHHHH THE DREADED HOWEVER!

“The truth of the matter is my intuition was telling me there was something not right between us.”

“So many times I think back to how you acted and what you didn’t say that caused awkward tension.” Girl, what?

MAFS 2022 Tamara
Tamara ended things with Brent. Source: Nine.

“You used your ego as a protective shield for your insecurities in a relationship.”

“You have made me realise materialistic things in a relationship don’t really matter to me,” Tamara continued, which is the biggest backhanded compliment ever.

“Being with you made me feel homesick. I don’t see a future with you… I believe the best path is on my own at this stage, I’m sorry.” Ouch!

Brent Did Not Hold Back In His MAFS Final Vows

Our collective boyfriend began his speech by admitting that he knew the experiment would push him out of his comfort zone.

He added that the pair clashed from the beginning, but he was proud of what they had achieved together.

MAFS 2022 Brent
King Brent took down Tamara during his final vows. Source: Nine.

“Our relationship is capable of great things… but we often had to hit rock bottom to get to this place.”

“The downhill spiral was filled with disrespect.”

“Closer to the end… your true colours showed. You became vindictive, spiteful and self-absorbed.” YAS BRENT GET HER.

“I was made to feel like a fool, chasing you around for the smallest amount of decency anyone in the world should show another human,” Brent dished, adding: “The inability to be kind destroyed us.”

“No matter how hard I tried to mend things between us, it felt like you were only thinking about yourself.”

MAFS Tamara and Brent final vows
Tamara and Brent’s MAFS Final Vows were wild. Source: Nine.


“You are not God’s gift to humanity so stop looking down on everyone”!

That sentence… *chef’s kiss*.

“On that note,” Brent finished, “Good luck. Good riddance”.

Our MAFS king then THREW his cards on the ground and walked TF off… as he should!

*mic drop*. Source: Nine

We still aren’t sure how TF they made it to the Final Vows but after Brent’s speech, we are bloody glad they did!

Twitter Had LOTS Of Opinions About Brent and Tamara’s Final MAFS Vows

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