Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Brent Vitiello has had the most iconic clapback for his TV bride Tamara Djordjevic after she repeatedly dissed his career.

The unlikely pair first got off on the wrong foot when Tamara remarked at their wedding that retail and hospitality workers were “unambitious”. Since then, the “fussy” bride has continued to belittle Brent’s own career in the hospo industry.

Most recently, the 29-year-old slammed her TV hubby for not being a “restaurant expert”, instead decreeing that he just “wait[s] tables”. Yikes.

tamara brent final date mafs 2022
Brent Vitiello slammed TV wife Tamara Djordjevic after her comments about his career. Source: Nine.

Brent, however, came back swinging on Wednesday during an interview with Hit NSW’s Breakfast with Maz & Lakey

“She’s an operations manager at a real estate agency… she acts like she’s the CEO of Apple,” he said and uh, *mic drop*.

Adding that he’s always supportive of “everyone’s” ambitions, the 33-year-old said he’d given up on sharing his own goals with Tamara.

tamara brent comments job wait tables mafs 2022
“She acts like she’s the CEO of Apple.” Source: Nine.

“I’ve got so many things planned,” he told hosts Maz Compton and Danny Lakey. “I never shared them with her because I didn’t think she is the type of person that would ever understand them.”

He then cheekily added: “I also welcome every hospitality worker to play with her food and drinks when they serve them to her.” LOL!

Tamara Continues to Slam Brent’s Profession After Married at First Sight

Despite being a hospitality expert — AKA everything from running a restaurant to planning events, marketing, etc — Tamara still can’t let go of the idea that Brent “just waits tables”.

In March, one TikTok user posted a video of Brent serving her table with the caption: “Throwback to my birthday when Brent served us birthday shots!”

However, Tamara managed to come across the video and took to the comment section to take a jab at her former bae.

“So he does wait tables?” she penned in a since-deleted comment. “Absolutely nothing wrong with waiting tables!! Just when someone fabricates their life so dramatically it gets frustrating.”

Umm, she is aware that even restaurant managers work on the floor, right?!

Brent Does More Than “Wait Tables”

ICYMI: Brent was previously based in Dubai and worked as a successful entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. His business took a hit when COVID descended, so he returned to Australia where he currently works as a restaurant manager.

Alas, you can understand why he’s p*ssed that his TV wife continues to slam his profession.

During their final date, Tamara took the slander to a whole new level.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

“I’ve got a career to go home to, a dog and house. He doesn’t really have a career,” she hissed in a piece to camera. He works in hospitality and he calls himself a f*cking restaurant expert or some shit like that.

“I’m sorry, you wait tables.”

Brent and Tamara’s Tumultuous Relationship Comes to a Head At the Final Dinner Party

At the final Married at First Sight 2022 dinner party, Brent and Tamara’s marriage reaches breaking point.

In episode 163 of the So Dramatic! podcast, it was revealed that one last drama will see the night end with Brent throwing his wedding ring on the table.

So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto dished that this fight transpires Tamara’s comments at their final date.

brent tamara mafs final dinner party
Brent and Tamara will have it out following a disastrous final date. Source: Nine.

“Tamara does something pretty f*cked and Brent confronts her about it at the dinner party,” she spilled. “[It] ends in a huge yelling match.

“Brent gets up, throws the ring and storms out.” OMG, this really is the MAFS season that keeps on giving… and giving… and giving…

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