They may seem like they’re out of the loop heading into the dinner parties but it turns out the Married at First Sight Australia contestants know a lot more about their co-stars’ lives than they’re letting on!

After Wednesday night’s episode, fans criticised Andrew Davis for turning the cast against his wife, Holly Greenstein, before she arrived at the dinner party.

As viewers, it seemed as clear as day that Andrew was “manipulating” the story in his favour. However, one former MAFS star is certain there’s more to the story than what we see on-screen.

Andrew Davis Holly Greenstein Commitment Ceremony Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Married at First Sight contestants reportedly know a lot more about each other’s lives than they let on. Source: Nine.

In an exclusive interview with Megan Pustetto in episode 149 of the So Dramatic! podcast AFTERMAF(S) series, 2021 bride Beck Zemek lifted the lid on what happens at the commitment ceremonies and dinner parties.

Apparently, contestants actually know a lot more about what’s going on in each other’s relationships than they appear to.

“You need to remember, they’re pretending that they don’t know things that have happened,” Beck said. “We all live on the same floor, we all talk to each other.

beck zemek married at first sight australia 2022
Beck Zemek drew back the curtain on what really happens at the Married at First Sight dinner parties. Source: Nine.

“We’re all sitting [together] ten minutes before we go into the pre-party whispering to each other, like, it’s not as if we have never seen each other and we don’t know what’s going on.”

She added: “It is a lot of acting.”

Ummmm, so is she telling us the whole gang knew Andrew was being a POS and still sided with him? Well, not exactly.

Do The Contestants Really Know More Than We Do?

There’s always something happening behind the scenes that viewers don’t see, including another side of the story that producers aren’t giving air to.

Beck urged viewers to think about the fact that maybe we aren’t seeing the full extent of Holly and Andrew’s relationship.

holly greenstein andrew davis dinner party married at first sight australia 2022
Beck Zemek suggested the contestants have seen a side to Holly Greenstein that viewers haven’t. Source: Nine.

“Maybe there was a side that [the contestants have] seen behind the scenes where Holly was in the [interview] room and talking about how much she wanted a child,” she said. “They might have thought there was a lot of pressure on Andrew.”

Adding that we only see “ten minutes” of what actually happens on set, Beck concluded: “For [the girls] not to stick up for Holly, there would have been something else that happened.”

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