Twitter was in uproar during the second Married at First Sight Australia 2022 dinner party after Andrew Davis turned the cast against wife Holly Greenstein.

Wednesday night’s episode was the one to watch after every couple wrote STAY at Sunday’s Commitment Ceremony. Naturally, most of them proved why they should have written LEAVE — especially Andrew and Holly, who are less compatible than, well… literally anything.

Andrew Davis married at first sight australia 2022
Twitter was in uproar during the second MAFS dinner party after Texan tool Andrew Davis turned the cast against wife Holly Greenstein. Source: Nine.

There may not have been wine throwing, but it sure was one hell of a rodeo!

So, keep scrolling to see all of the best Tweets from last night’s Married at First Sight dinner party.

Um, Why TF Is Everyone Defending Andrew?

After arriving to the dinner party alone, Andrew only had one mission: Operation Annhilate Holly’s Credibility.

And as expected, viewers went wild over the fact that not only was he displaying the “narcisssistic” behaviour he accused his wife of, but every single person in the room was playing into his charade.

After he turned everyone against Holly, hearts across the nation collectively broke when “sweetheart” Olivia Frazer failed to see through Andrew’s bullsh*t.

Holly Goes Boom!

After rocking up to the dinner party in spectacularly late fashion, Holly was ready to rumble and the vast majority of Twitter was in her corner of the ring despite the whole party being against her.

As we all know, there’s only so much a person can take when you’re denigrated over and over again and this, coupled with Andrew’s gaslighting and the whacky workings of the marriage experiment, (unsurprisingly) sent Holly over the edge.

Domenica Calarco Is Sus On Andrew Davis

Domenica Calarco was perhaps the only person at that dinner part with her wits about her and acknowledged that Holly’s reactions weren’t coming out of just anywhere. Thank f*ck us viewers aren’t the only ones who see it.

Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out, Andrew!

After exhausting himself by playing the victim, big Texas decided to call it a night and called time on his Married at First Sight experience.

Naturally, Twitter was devastated…

Hey Alexa, play Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC!

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