In today’s episode of “pot-calling-kettle”, Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Andrew Davis labelled his on-screen wife Holly Greenstein a “narcissist”.

During intimacy week, the pair were tasked with hugging one another for three whole minutes. However, since Holly despises her groom, the hug did nothing for her.

Holly and Andrew hugging
Holly Greenstein and Andrew Davis of Married at First Sight Australia 2022 come to blows after a heated argument. Source: Nine.

After Andrew rabbited on about how wonderful the encounter was, Holly admitted that her “tank was empty” and couldn’t put aside all the bulls*t he had put her through.

“I know that you came to me with an explanation so at least I can understand why everything was the way that it was, [but] I’m just not there,” she explained.

Why Holly Greenstein From Married At First Sight Australia Is Over Trying To Make Things Work With Andrew Davis

For some context – prior to the intimacy task, Holly revealed to the camera that she was: “still really emotionally drained from the relationship with Andrew.”

“We’re not on the same page, and he hurt me. He destroyed my hope, but we are matched up for a reason…So I thought I would give it one last chance,” she said.

A tense conversation between the “expertly-paired” couple ensued after Holly explained her feelings.

Andrew seemingly took Holly’s response as a form of rejection which resulted in him getting his back up about it.

“Just so you know, I did that for me to tell my truth because I felt like you deserved that, so I didn’t do it to like salvage this relationship,” he retaliated.

Further backpedalling, Andrew tried to flip the conversation and shift the blame to Holly: “I’ve still not heard any apologies of how you showed up in any way or any accountability and until that happens I don’t see this progressing in any way.” Gaslight, much?!

“Well I am sorry you feel that way, but I know that I showed up, I really did try but you just don’t like me and I can feel that,” a clearly fed up Holly responded.

Holly and Andrew MAFS
Andrew Davis has labelled his Married at First Sight Australia bride Holly Greenstein a “narcissist”. Source: Nine.

The conversation then got heated before Andrew delivered a low blow that nobody was impressed with, especially not Holly.

“I feel that you’re demonstrating a bit of narcissistic behaviour if I’m being completely honest with you,” he claimed. Oh, b*tch please! *Rolls eyes* Spare me, Andrew.

“Anyway on that note, I shan’t let you insult me anymore so I think we’re done and I think I’m going to show you the door,” Holly responded to his remark.

Twitter Reactions to Married At First Sight’s Andrew Davis Calling Holly Greenstein A “Narcissist”

Of course, viewers had a lot to say about the irony of Andrew labelling Holly a “narcissist”:

You go get him, Twitter!

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