The shambles that was Married at First Sight Australia 2022 deserved an appropriately chaotic finale and last night’s reunion Commitment Ceremony certainly delivered on all fronts. 

As we wave buh-bye to the ninth instalment of Australia’s most cursed social experiment, take a peek at what Twitter had to say about the season’s explosive concluding episode.

MAFS australia 2022 finale
The contestants began the MAFS finale Commitment Ceremony by watching a montage of their weddings. Source: Nine.

Back To Where It All Began

Ah, just what we need to kick off the MAFS finale: a crappy but cute montage of the weddings. If only they knew what was in store…

We revisited Ella Ding’s hornbag to homegirl character arc, Cody Bromley pre-comb forward and Al Perkins‘ wedding day rendition of Lose Yourself by Eminem.

Yawn. Let’s get to the drama, please!

Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud

MAFS 2022 finale mitch and ella
Ella and Mitch were not officially together at the Final Vows but returned for the finale as a couple. Source: Nine.

Ella and her husband Mitch Eynaud enlightened the experts with WTF happened between their disastrous Final Vows and now.

Mitch did opt to omit that Tamara “gaslight gatekeep girlboss” Djordjevic had slid into his DMs. Instead, he said he missed (and “really rated”) Ella. 

Ella agreed — even saying she was close to falling in love. 

TBH, we’re still reeling that Ella was meant to be matched with Brent Vitiello. We will never get over this injustice.

Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley

Cody and Selina had broken up between the Reunion Dinner Party and Commitment Ceremony. Source: Nine.

Now for some drama. 

Just when the experts finished gassing Selina Chhaur and her frat-boi MAFS partner Cody (despite just watching him make a casually racist remark in the flashback video), the couple dropped a bomb.

Cody dumped her literally the night before. As in AFTER they attended the Dinner Party together. And no other cast members knew about it. WTAF?

Old mate tried to deflect the blame and say it was “mutual” but Selina exposed him. She said she had been falling in love and was blindsided by the breakup.

TBH, if Cody hadn’t broken up with Selina, she probably would’ve dumped him after seeing what he looked like without facial hair. There, we said it!

Tamara Djordjevic and Brent Vitiello

married at first sight australia 2022 finale commitment ceremony brent and tamara
Tamara and Brent had not spoken since their Final Vows. Source: Nine.

Tamara and Brent have had zero contact since splitting at their beefy Final Vows

Ever the pot-stirrers, the experts played back footage of the couple’s sh*tstorm of a relationship. This included camera confessionals of Tamara calling her hubby “average” and continuously slamming his career. 

We also got to see Brent call her a “psychopath” again which was the understatement of the experiment.

Brent’s vows then got played for the entire MAFS finale audience and many giggles were had amongst the cast.

Expert Alessandra Rampolla brought up the phone call and text message exchanges between Mitch and Tamara that had been exposed at the preceding dinner party.

Mitch called BS, saying Tamara’s version of events was fabricated. Whether it ACTUALLY was fake or not is unclear.

Tamara — cosplaying as Big Bird in her yellow dress — then got up and walked out.


Married at First sight australia 2022 al and sam
Instead of Al and Samantha taking to the couch, we got a montage of Al’s best moments. Source: Nine.

We got a wholesome AF intermission. An entire montage of Al’s best moments.

F*ck we love this man.

Shoeys, worms, spaghetti: left, right and centre!

This seemed to be in replacement of him and ex-wife Samantha Moitzi taking to the couch together. Random, but we aren’t complaining.

Dion Gianarelli and… Carolina Santos AND Daniel Holmes

Carolina Santos and Dion Giannarelli were invited to come to the couch one final time for the MAFS finale, but she declined.

Dion recalled his sh*t run in the experiment.

THEN the experts whipped out the receipts. The contestants finally got to see what really went on behind the cheating scandal.

Things got so intense (AKA the scandalous duo shared a kiss) that Jack Millar even took his glasses off. Domenica Calarco said she “felt like having diarrhoea”. 

“Youse are all single shut up” Daniel quipped. Soooooo witty!

Dion called out his ex-wife one last time (God bless the MAFS finale) and told her to put her big girl pants on.

Expert John Aiken joined in and said they were not a unified team, but rather “deeply insecure, tried to compensate, but failing deeply as a couple”.

The adulterous pair then apologised but maintained they had #NoRagrets.

Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie

MAFS 2022 finale olivia and jackson
Olivia was not held accountable for her actions throughout MAFS during the finale Commitment Ceremony. Source: Nine.

Public enemies one and two, Olivia Frazer and Jackon Lonie, took to the couch for the Married at First Sight finale Commitment Ceremony and things got dramatic — fast.

They revealed they moved in together. We watched their wedding. Boring, get to the glass smashing incident, please.

“Two people who struggled to get along were Olivia and Dom,” John, AKA Captain Obvious, pointed out.

While it was obvious Domenica shattering a glass was not okay (which she admitted) the footage proved that she did not “fashion it like a weapon” as Olivia had claimed.

Then, it was exposed that Olivia did, in fact, google her rival (in relation to the nude photo incident), despite telling Domenica she had not.

Selin Mengu piped up: “That’s evil”. 

Domenica pointed out that Olivia has lied and Holly Greenstein and Ella backed her up. Unsurprisingly, Carolina defended Olivia.

The teaching student admitted to perpetuating nastiness, and Domenica said she was smug. 

Despite all of this, the experts failed to hold Olivia accountable for pathologically lying or instigating the nude photo scandal. Hmmm.

Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar

MAFS australia 2022 jack and domenica
Jack and Domenica had broken up but are still great friends. Source: Nine.

Next, our royal couple Jack and Domenica took to the couch.

In their MAFS finale Commitment Ceremony confessional, the pair broke our hearts by confessing that their relationship had slowly fizzled out.

Jack admitted that the end of their relationship “was still very maybe” and does that mean there is hope orrr?

Expert Mel Schilling pointed out that they still very much look like a couple. Domenica said she would “never say never” to getting back together.

The End of Married at First Sight Australia 2022

What a Commitment Ceremony, what a finale, what a season!

It is with great sadness that we wave goodbye to Married at First Sight Australia 2022. 

See ya next year, we (literally) cannot wait.

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