Only four episodes into Married at First Sight Australia 2022 (MAFS), participant Cody Bromley is already making us cringe.

During the first few episodes, the comb-over/moustache sporting groom made so many rude comments that fans have labelled him ‘the new Bryce Ruthven‘. Ouch.

Married at First Sight Cody Bromley Selina Chhaur
MAFS 2022 wedding
Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley got off to a rough start on Married at First Sight Australia 2022. Source: Nine

During the second episode of MAFS‘ ninth season, Cody was lucky enough to wed the gorgeous Selina Chaurr. Selina is a total queen, but for some reason, Cody just wasn’t that interested. Ummmm, is he blind?

Throughout their reception, the 30-year-old repeatedly remarked that Selina was “full-on” and “great, but not that great”.

Then, only DAYS after debuting on the show, Cody launched himself from ‘simply an a-hole’ status to teetering on Bryce—level bad.

During the inaugural honesty box challenge, Selina confessed that she was sexually attracted to Cody. Cody, with his moustache and comb-over combo aside, only offers up an awkward laugh in response.

He then proceeds to admit that while he thinks Selina is “gorgeous” he isn’t sexually attracted to her.

“It’s like my schlong isn’t coordinating with my head,” he rationalised.

Married at First Sight Cody Bromely 
MAFS 2022
Cody bizarrely told his MAFS bride Selina that his “schlong wasn’t coordinating” with his head. Source: Nine

We would like to submit an honesty box Q for Cody: who TF do you think you are?

Our girl Selina deserves, at the very least, a man who doesn’t use the word “schlong” still in 2022. Gross.

Selina was obviously a little shook by her groom’s candour.

“Wow,” was all she could manage to reply with – exactly our response, too!

Selena Married at First Sight 2022
MAFS Australia
Stunning Selena hit a roadblock with hubby Cody during the MAFS honesty box. Source: Instagram @selina_chhaur

A Quick Refresher: Why Was Bryce Ruthven So Bad, Again?

Bryce is one of the most controversial Married at First Sight contestants – like, ever.

In case you need a quick refresher: Bryce made a slew of hurtful comments to his MAFS bride Melissa Rawson during their 2021 honesty box.

MAFS 2021 Bryce and Melissa
Married at First Sight Australia
Fans have compared Cody to MAFS 2021 contestant Bryce Ruthven, who was ‘married’ to Melissa Rawson. Source: Nine

When quizzed whether Mel was his usual type, Bryce came out with this absolute cracker (not) of a response:

“I’ll be completely honest, not 100 per cent. I’ve always gone for the blonde hair, blue eyes, tan kinda girl. And usually tall. I can’t say 100 per cent I’d come up to you in a bar and buy you a drink. When I first saw you I thought, ‘Not my type’. But, I thought, she’s not … ugly?”

That horrid little speech was only the start of Bryce’s many misadventures on MAFS. Notably, he also had a secret GF and forced a kiss upon Beck Zemek.

Married at First Sight Cody Bromely 
MAFS 2022
MAFS 2022 groom Cody has already made a number of harsh comments about his bride, Selina. Source: Nine

Could Cody be going down the same path? Only time will tell.

We are begging the MAFS Gods to PLEASE take care of poor Selina!

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