It seems like only yesterday that we watched a bunch of hopeful singles begin their quest for love (and a blue tick) on Married at First Sight Australia 2022 and on Sunday, April 3, the reunion will already be upon us!

Since this season of the experiment has been explosive, salacious and scandal-filled, it would only be right that the final episodes are just as dramatic.

Lucky for you, we have an exclusive rundown of EVERYTHING that kicks off at the Married at First Sight 2022 reunion.

Married at First Sigth Australia reunion dinner party
The MAFS 2022 reunion dinner party is set to be explosive! Source: Nine.

There’s MORE Beef Between MAFS Rivals Domenica and Olivia at the Reunion

As if we haven’t been tortured enough by the ongoing feud between Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco on Married at First Sight Australia 2022, their rivalry is set to heat up during the show’s reunion.

As reported in episode 168 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a contestant dished that “it’s a whole new level of drama” and God, give us strength!

“They have it out big time and it’s not pretty,” they said. “If they show everything that goes down, Australia is going to hate Olivia even more if that’s even possible.” *insert side eye emoji here*

Olivia Frazer Gets GRILLED During the Married at First Sight Australia Reunion

Bryce Ruthven walked so that Olivia could run, as he handed over his crown of being the biggest villain to grace our TV screens.

After her supremely questionable behaviour this season (causing her to even lose her IRL job), Olivia gets absolutely OWNED by the experts during the reunion episode.

married at first sight australia 2022
After her supremely questionable behaviour this season, Olivia gets absolutely OWNED by the experts during the reunion. Source Nine.

“Olivia gets grilled on the couch by the experts so bad,” one participant revealed to So Dramatic!. “They basically tell Jackson [Lonie] to rethink his decision to stay with her.”

Apparently, the once-trained actor, “turns on the waterworks” again because “the experts gave it to her so much”. I mean, she totally deserves it if we’re honest…

But then… surprise, surprise, “they pull back a bit on her and so she isn’t really held accountable.” FAB!

A SECOND Cheating Scandal Comes Is Exposed

As revealed in episode 168 of the So Dramatic! podcastMitch Eynaud and Ella Ding reunited before the MAFS 2022 reunion (after their relo was left hanging in the balance at the Final Vows).

But, we’re told ol’ Mitch finds himself in hot water after he supposedly “hit on” Tamara Djordjevic after filming ended.

One current contestant dished to host Megan Pusetto that “Tamara throws a spanner in the works” at the upcoming reunion dinner in an attempt to “turn Ella off” Mitch.

mitch and ella final commitment ceremony
Mitch Eynaud and Ella Ding’s relationship finished on an uncertain note at their Final Vows ceremony. Source: Nine.

“[She] makes wild claims about Mitch trying to hit on her,” they said. “Tamara says Mitch drunk-called her after the experiment… and said to her, ‘I shouldn’t be calling you’ and that he’s missed her and been thinking of her.”

The source also revealed that Ella was “in total shock” but believed Mitch when he “denied it all”. In turn, she and Tamara find themselves amid a “heated argument” because Ella defends her TV bae against the claims.

tamara Married at First Sight 2022 Reunion
Tamara is at the centre of a second cheating scandal that comes to light at the MAFS 2022 reunion. Source: Nine.

Mitch also tells his co-stars that Tamara invited him to a “double date kind of situation” with Samantha Moitzi and another fella back home in Queensland BEFORE the Final Vows ceremonies.

“Mitch said he didn’t go because it wouldn’t look good for them to be seen together,” the insider dished. “We all reckon he told them this to cover his tracks because he knew Tamara was going to bring it up.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Brent Confronts Tamara At the Married at First Sight 2022 Reunion

According to a number of MAFS insiders, Brent “throws Mitch under the bus” when he brings up the situation between him and Tamara at the dinner party.

“He asks [Tamara] why she asked Mitch to go to dinner before Final Vows when they were technically still together,” one source recalled.

“Then Tamara goes to town and tells everyone her version of events, which was that Mitch was hitting her up. It all blows up.”

brent mafs 2022
Mitch confessed to Brent that he was invited on a double date with Tamara and Samantha. Source: Nine.

The Cast of Married First Sight Rip Daniel and Carolina a New One at the Reunion Ceremony

From one cheating scandal to another!

As reported in episode 168 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the pair Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos will be confronted by EVERY single contestant at the upcoming reunion dinner party and ceremony after the “full extent of their affair” is exposed.

mafs 2022 daniel and carolina
Daniel and Carolina are held accountable for their cheeky romance during the Reunion Ceremony. Source: Nine.

“The Carolina and Daniel footage is played back to the group for the very first time,” one contestant told So Dramatic!. “It’s the first time we get to see what really went down.”

According to our source, all of the other participants had no idea what really went down. In fact, they thought Daniel and Carolina only had a flirty text exchange!

“We got to see all of their secret meetups and had no idea they had dates during filming. We just thought they had been texting.” Ooooh!

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Cody Dumped Selina the Morning After the Reunion Dinner Party

In a true MAFS miracle, during the Final Vows, both Cody Bromley and Selina Chhaur opted to stay together after the experiment (WTAF) and even remained a couple until the blessed final MAFS event.

However, a very sneaky on-set source revealed exclusively to So Dramatic! that Cody dumped Selina the morning after the MAFS Reunion Dinner Party. Yes, as in HE dumped HER!!!! WTF?

“Cody and Selina attend the reunion together,” a source revealed to So Dramatic!. “But then Cody dumped Selina after the reunion Dinner Party at 5 am in the morning or something. Literally straight after the dinner party. It’s f*cked up!” IT SURE IS!

selina cody mafs final vows 2022
Cody and Selina revealed they wanted to stay together after the experiment during their final vows. Source: Nine.

“She was lost for words, really,” the source dished. “No one knew about it until they got on the couch. She didn’t tell anyone before.”

Once up against the experts, Selina didn’t really say much and the experts were “just as surprised as the rest of us”.

SERIOUSLY! The lion, the witch and the audacity of this b*tch, Cody!

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