Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos will be torn to shreds at the upcoming reunion dinner party and ceremony.

As reported in episode 168 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the pair will be confronted by EVERY single contestant after the “full extent of their affair” is exposed.

mafs daniel and carolina
Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos are held accountable for their cheeky romance during the Reunion Ceremony. Source: Nine.

“The Carolina and Daniel footage is played back to the group for the very first time,” one contestant told So Dramatic!. “It’s the first time we get to see what really went down.”

According to our source, all of the other participants had no idea what really went down. In fact, they thought Daniel and Carolina only had a flirty text exchange!

All of the other participants had no idea what really went down between Daniel and Carolina. Source: Nine.

“We had no idea about anything until this point,” they said. “Just that they had been texting and decided to start dating.

“We got to see all of their secret meetups and had no idea they had dates during filming. We just thought they had been texting.” Ooooh!

The “Special Treatment” Given to Daniel and Carolina

Meeting up behind Dion Gianarelli’s back was bad enough, but that wasn’t the only thing the cast took issue with!

They were also fuming over the “special treatment” given by producers — for the drama of course!

“No one was actually allowed to go on dates outside of filming stuff because of COVID,” a contestant revealed. “So everyone felt like they had been given special treatment. We were all ropable. It was a total shock.”

carolina santos daniel holmes mafs married at first sight australia 2022
Carolina and Daniel had seperate dates and were the only couple allowed to do so. Source: Nine.

Look, we know it was sh*t for them, but it made for excellent TV, so we know why the producers obliged!

What Happens at the MAFS Reunion Ceremony?

The same contestant then went into a bit more detail about what we can expect from the reunion ceremony.

Apparently, Daniel and Carolina attempt to apologise to the group, however, “no one wanted to hear it”.

“We all give them our opinions,” they said. “Ella [Ding] and Domenica [Calarco] go off at them the most.”

After arriving at the MAFS reunion dinner party, Ella told Carolina to go home.

“Why don’t you just leave and go home, no one wants you here,” she told her.

Of course, as expected, Dion also goes off at them and f*ck yes! Go off, short king!

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