Whilst Ella Ding has put up with more sh*t than a monkey could throw whilst “married” to Mitch Eynaud on Married at First Sight Australia 2022, prior to entering the experiment she did have hope.

In her MAFS audition, Ella confessed that she was “just not having great luck” in the real world and was hoping that the experts could find her a mature mans.

Married at First Sight 2022 mitch and ella
Ella was matched with Mitch Eynaud during MAFS 2022. Source: Nine.

Instead, she got matched with a lad who is incapable of expressing emotion and does nude handstands in the shower on national telly.

She TOTALLY should have been with Brent Vitiello… Mature? Tick. Stylish? Double tick!

“I feel like I’m far ahead of my age and I’m looking for something more consistent,” the beautician revealed.

We stan a mature, secure queen who knows exactly what TF she wants!

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What “Psysical Stuff” Is Ella Ding Looking For In Her Groom ?

Ella may be wedded to a model on Married at First Sight Australia 2022, but according to her audition for the show, SHE is the one for whom style is a dealbreaker.

It’s FASHUN, dahling!

The bride, who has been a fan fave throughout the experiment’s ninth instalment, revealed that “clothing definitely plays a role” in whether or not she finds someone attractive.

Ella Ding revealed in her MAFS audition that good style is a dealbreaker for her. Source: Nine.

Ella revealed that she needs a guy who is “definitely stylish.”

However, she doesn’t mean “like brands and designer clothes and all that”. (Bye Dion Giannarelli).

“I don’t wear all of that. But, I know how to make simple look good”. Hell yeah, she does!

Overall, Ella relayed that when it comes to “the physical stuff” she will ” just look and know” if she is keen or not.

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