Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos made waves when they rocked up uninvited to Sunday night’s Married at First Sight Australia 2022 Commitment Ceremony and requested to re-enter the experiment as a new couple.

Viewers, contestants and experts alike were confused as to why they chose to bring their romance back to the damned experiment instead of just continuing to see each other on the outside.

Now, the adulterous pair have spoken out about why TF they returned to Married at First Sight.

mafs daniel and carolina
Daniel and Carolina have spoken out about why they asked to re-enter MAFS as a new couple. Source: Nine

In a post-MAFS interview with Channel Nine, Carolina – who began dating Daniel behind the back of her actual fake TV husband Dion Giannarelli – revealed that the surprise entrance was actually the former groom’s idea.

“I was completely on board with it,” the mother-of-one told the cameras.

She added: “We were already in the experiment. It was now or never – like, ‘let’s just take the risk and hope for the best.'”

Daniel and Carolina Knew That Everyone Would Be Upset When They Attempted to Re-enter the MAFS Exeriment

The new couple admitted that they were aware that their shock re-entrance would stir up some controversy.

“I knew there was a big chance they would say no,” Carolina confessed.

Daniel added that he “knew walking into the room and confronting everyone that there’s nothing we can do or say that will make people feel neutral about our decision.”

Despite preempting backlash, Carolina said that the pair still hoped that the experts “would see that there is a connection here.”

The 34-year-old thought that “the way she had handled things” and “been honest” would have played in her favour.

“I didn’t play with Dion, I never wrote stay,” Carolina said – as if that would override the fact she had cheated on him.

“We took a risk. And yes, Dion’s feelings got hurt, but I just had this overall feeling that this was right,” Daniel added.

Ai ai ai!

Daniel and Carolina Spilled Some Tea About The Wild Commitment Ceremony

Carolina and Daniel maintained that despite being repeatedly chastised by literally everyone for spawning into the MAFS Commitment Ceremony unannounced, they felt that they had made the right decision.

The business owner lamented: “Even though the Commitment Ceremony wasn’t really in our favour and most people in the experiment and the experts don’t want to admit that we are a successful couple – but we are.”

MAFS 2022 Carolina and Daniel
Carolina and Daniel revealed that they knew the MAFS cast would be opposed to their recoupling. Source: Nine

The MAFS 2022 intruder added that she was aware the rest of the cast were against her and Daniel. However, she did not care because “it just felt like mission accomplished.”

“I came here to find love, and I did,” she concluded.

Welp, we are happy that Carolina and Daniel found their gym life partners, at least – even if they left a trail of destruction in their wake.

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