The highly anticipated ‘mass walkout’ episode of Married at First Sight Australia 2022 finally hit our screens last night, with Carolina Santos’ affair with Daniel Holmes being exposed in the most explosive Commitment Ceremony the experiment has ever seen – and MAFS Twitter could NOT handle the heat.

The entire episode was an absolute dumpster fire. After not showing up to the Commitment Ceremony with her MAFS husband Dion Giannarelli, Carolina waltzed in fashionably late with Daniel by her side.

Naturally, the entire cast were p*ssed and ended up walking out. Even the MAFS experts were stunned AF and Twitter roasted the hell out of them both.

MAFS Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos. Married at First Sight 2022
Carolina Santos asked to re-enter the MAFS experiment with Daniel Holmes. Source: Nine

Carolina Didn’t Show Up to the MAFS Commitment Ceremony

Initially, Carolina didn’t even show up to the Commitment Ceremony. 

Her MAFS husband Dion was blindsided by her absence. When asked by expert John Aiken where TF his wife was, the property developer sighed: “your guess is as good as mine”.

R.I.P Dion’s heart (and Carolina’s last shred of dignity).

Dion Started off the Couch Confessionals at the MAFS Commitment Ceremony 

Dion was the first to face the experts on the couch jury at the sixth MAFS 2022 Commitment Ceremony.

The poor groom looked so glum. Somehow, even his flashy fluorescent jacket looked sad.

Dion admitted that his MAFS relationship has been a total flop and lamented that he can’t wait to actually find someone who gives a sh*t about him in the real world.

Ever the nice guy, the 34-year-old added that he hopes Carolina can find someone in the future because “we all deserve love.”

The experts and MAFS Twitter both gassed him up for being gracious AF. *Claps (and cries) for Dion*.

The Queenslander then revealed that he had written “leave” and honestly thank F*CK for that! 

We will miss his swanky outfits though… and all the glorious Twitter memes that they spawned each MAFS Commitment Ceremony. 

Carolina and Daniel Arrived at the MAFS Commitment Ceremony

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for!

Just as Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie started talking about their weird relationship that none of us care about, they were interrupted by two unexpected visitors.

Twitter was delighted that MAFS 2022 villain Carolina finally showed up… but she was not alone. 

The bride rocked up with gym-loving YouFoodz-eating former groom Daniel. GASP!

The pair came in holding hands and looking smug AF.

“There is no real right way to address this situation,” Daniel said and, duh!?

John added that he and the experts had “absolutely no idea what is going on” and then “paused” Olivia and Jackson’s couch therapy session to address the wild situation that was unfolding. 

Carolina and Daniel Took a Seat on the MAFS Commitment Ceremony Couch

Because the MAFS producers are all about the drama, Carolina and Daniel were invited to sit on the couch.

John took on the role of a primary teacher and had to tell the cast to “settle down” and “keep it quiet” as a literal cheating scandal came to light in front of their eyes.

Dion (and #MAFS Twitter) was blindsided by the Commitment Ceremony shock. 

Daniel and Carolina Explained Themselves (Kind Of)

After John told Carolina that they all “thought she had run away to avoid facing the music,” (BURN) he invited the pair to f*cking explain themselves.

Daniel described the affair in full detail to the Commitment Ceremony audience as MAFS Twitter imploded.

The Other Contestants Called Carolina Out

One of the highlights of the MAFS Commitment Ceremonies is always watching the other contestants’ watching whatever is going on.

Our MAFS king Brent Vitiello interrupted the salacious explanation to question where TF Daniel and Carolina got the audacity.

“She fell onto his d*ck that’s how it happened,” Domenica Calarco jabbed and hell to the yes!

John shut down the children cast yet again.

Carolina said they were still trying to figure out what was going on between the pair and just forgot to tell her hubby she was boinking another groom.

She added that she knew for over a week that there was “more than just a friendship” with Daniel.

Dion Finally Got the Chance to Have Words With Daniel and Carolina

Our other scorned MAFS king, Dion, finally got to say his piece and called out Daniel.

Tamara stuck up for Dion and demanded an apology from the disgraced “couple”.

Carolina added that she “never meant to hurt” Dion’s feelings and MAFS Twitter called BS.

When expert Mel Schilling invited Dion to say how he felt he expressed that “his heart sank into his belly”. 

“You give so much to this experiment, and the nicest possible way I can put this is I’ve been spat on,” he said.

“Mate you’ve just cheated,” he told Daniel. “Every person came into this experiment to try their hardest, not to steal someone else’s wife.” BURN x 2.

The Other Contestants Called Out Carolina and Daniel

Again with the quick wit, Brent said what all of us were thinking: “Is this for 15 minutes of fame?”

“Don’t shake your head at me. I just got paraded on the couch because people were sticking up for you, and now you do this,” Domenica added.

John continued to die a little inside.

Daniel and Carolina Revealed How Serious Their Relationship Is

Daniel and Carolina maintained that their fake TV relationship was very much serious.

They revealed that a part of them would like to continue the experiment together and whaaaat????

Everyone Walked Out

The other contestants said hell the f*ck no to Carolina and Daniel reentering the experiment as a fresh couple.

Collectively, they all rose and stormed out of the MAFS Commitment Ceremony. 

Upon finally returning to the room, the other contestants were still seething and needed to process the wild request from Daniel and Carolina.

Jack Millar said what everyone was thinking: “no.” 

John admitted that this was “uncharted territory” for he and the other experts – as if they had known absolutely nothing about the definitely-not-set-up affair

Daniel and Carolina Explained Why They Deserved to Reenter the Experiment As a Couple

Carolina revealed that she and Daniel “trust the experiment” (Um, why?), and she “wants the experts’ help to help them navigate” the experiment.

John HANDED it to them: “There is absolutely no way that we are going to allow you to re-enter the experiment as a new couple.”

“This betrayal is incredibly difficult and unsettling for all of us to witness and we don’t see any merit for this relationship that you have to continue in this experiment.” YESSSSS JOHN! You tell them!

He proceeded to roast Carolina for being rude AF to Dion whilst “carrying on this betrayal”.

Dion Thanked Everyone Else and Everyone Else Loved On Dion

The entire group revealed that Dion had friends for life in them.

Someone, please let this poor man go home to his big house, fancy jackets and massive shoe collection.

Dion darling, you will be missed. Xoxo

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