As Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos‘ affair continues to unfold, we’re left wondering what the other Married at First Sight contestants knew about the cheating scandal.

From day dot, it was clear that both Daniel and Carolina’s expert-appointed spouses, Jessica Seracino and Dion Giannarelli, hadn’t lived up to their expectations.

Since his dinner party confession that Carolina was totally his type, Daniel and the single mum attempted to get to know each other during a secret gym rendezvous.

What did the other Married at First Sight stars know about Daniel and Carolina’s affair? Source: Nine.

Given all the contestants live on the same floor, you’d think that at least one of their co-stars was privy to the budding romance.

However, one contestant revealed in episode 155 of the So Dramatic! podcast that no one was aware that the thirsty pair were meeting up.

“None of us heard them talking at the dinner party or had any inkling about what was going on,” the star confessed. “We were all too involved in everything else that was going on that we missed it.”

Al MAFS 2022 shocked
None of the MAFS contestants were aware of how the affair started. Source: Nine.

Apparently they “didn’t know anything” about their conversations until they “watched the same footage back at the reunion”!

2022 bride Ella Ding echoed the same sentiments during an interview on Hit NSW’s Maz and Lakey for Breakfast.

“We actually all had absolutely no idea, this is the first time we’re seeing everything,” she admitted, adding: “I just feel so uncomfortable watching it.”

The beautician even said she doesn’t want a bar of the cheating scandal, saying she “[feels] like [Daniel and Carolina] don’t even deserve air time”.

When Did Everyone Find Out About Daniel And Carolina’s Affair?

One source spilled to So Dramatic! in episode 152 of the podcast that the whole cast learned of the affair when Daniel and Carolina rock up to a Commitment Ceremony “uninvited”.

“They show up at a Commitment Ceremony uninvited and want to continue in the experiment together,” the source said. “It was pretty hectic and full-on.”

Unsurprisingly, the brazen move caused sh*t to hit the fan.

Dion Giannarelli Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Dion Giannarelli leads the mass walkout after his bride recouples with another groom. Source: Nine.

As teased in a number of trailers, Dion actually yeets right out of the ceremony after the admission, claiming he’s “seen enough for one day”.

“The contestants are like animals in a zoo screaming at them,” they said. “Experts [were] left gobsmacked. Then… the ENTIRE CAST [walked] out of the Commitment Ceremony.” And TBH, it’s kind of understandable!

According to the MAFS insider, “no one likes Carolina” as a result of the jaw-dropping move.

The dramatic mass walkout on Married at First Sight is in response to a cheating scandal. Source: Nine.

“Carolina had a tough time on the show but she deserved it for what she did,” they confessed. “She cheated on Dion and he was so well-liked.”

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