Axed Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Simon Blackburn has blasted his former bride Jessica Seracino, claiming he should still be in the experiment, not her.

To recap: Simon was removed from the series just days into filming the ninth season after Jessica brought vile videos made by the 35-year-old to the attention of producers.

In a number of TikTok clips, the single father relayed a number of homophobic, misogynistic and racist sentiments across several different accounts.

Taking to TikTok (again), the 35-year-old MAFS reject has slammed his TV wife of five minutes while watching Monday night’s episode.

“This is proof in the pudding that I was never the issue,” Simon said. “I should be on this show and this psychopath… How does someone like this get recruited?”

The controversial personality then branded Jessica “an absolute nightmare” before claiming that “any other girl in the country” has “no dramas”.

“This bloke [Daniel Holmes] is a shredded rig, mate,” he said of Jessica’s second MAFS husband. “Have a look at this nutcase, mate. She shouldn’t even be able to leave her house.”

The TikTok tirade comes as Jessica and Daniel elected to leave the marriage experiment. The walkout was the result of a number of arguments between the pair, including one in which Jessica dubbed Daniel a “little bitch”.

This Isn’t The First Time Simon Blackburn Has Slammed Jessica Seracino

Simon’s latest TikTok tiff follows a previous interview with Sydney Confidential, during which he called Jessica a “nightmare” — again.

“She completely lost it and should never have been on the show,” he confessed.

When Married at First Sight 2022 premiered just days later, the father-of-two took to the video-sharing app to slam not only the Melbourne florist, but her fellow bride, Tamara Djordjevic.

Tamara mafs 2022
Simon Blackburn previously took aim at MAFS bride Tamara Djordjevic. Source: Nine.

In the clip, Simon took part in a trend where users typically display something they don’t like then blow a “whistle” before disappearing.

He could be seen pointing at a TV screen paused on an image of Tamara, emblazoned with the text: “I turned around and this was my wife !!!” He then vanished (much like his chance at a TV career) as Tamara’s face remained on-screen.

After Jessica appeared on-screen, Simon digressed: “She’s not all there.”

How Did Simon Blackburn Get Removed From Married at First Sight?

In November, So Dramatic! exclusively revealed that Simon and Jessica were matched during their short stint in the experiment.

Jessica reportedly felt “uncomfortable” around Simon “from the get-go”, a source close to the bride said.

Jessica Seracino. Source: Nine.
Simon was axed from the show after Jessica was informed of his vile TikTok videos. Source: nine.

“He was extremely obnoxious, rude and aggressive and said a number of things that immediately set off alarm bells,” the source explains. “Everyone at the wedding was on edge and noticed something was off about him. The wedding was extremely awkward and the energy was off all around.”

After Jessica found Simon’s series of foul videos she no longer felt safe in the experiment with him.

Producers then promised to remove Simon from the show and told him to pack his bags. However, they didn’t want to lose Jessica so they promised to find her a new groom and get her remarried.

And so, her doomed marriage with Daniel was born!

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