Dumped Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Simon Blackburn has lashed out at his TV wife Jessica Seracino, dubbing her a “nightmare”.

Late last year, Simon was outed as a controversial TikTok star and was booted from the social experiment just two weeks into filming.

In a series of videos obtained by So Dramatic!, the father-of-two repeatedly degraded women and referred to homosexuality as “filth”.

Now, Simon has slammed the woman he was paired with on the show, telling Sydney Confidential that she shouldn’t have been cast.

Pot? Meet kettle.

“She completely lost it and should never have been on the show,” he said of Jessica. The Melbourne florist was the first to raise concerns with MAFS producers after her friends sent her Simon’s disturbing content.

How Did Jessica Seracino Become Aware Of Simon Blackburn’s TikTok Videos?

In November, So Dramatic! exclusively revealed that Simon and Jessica were matched during their short stint in the experiment.

However, in those two weeks, Jessica felt “uncomfortable” around Simon “from the get-go”, a source close to the bride said.

“He was extremely obnoxious, rude and aggressive and said a number of things that immediately set off alarm bells,” the source explained. “Everyone at the wedding was on edge and noticed something was off about him. The wedding was extremely awkward and the energy was off all around.”

Dumped Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Simon Blackburn has lashed out at his TV wife Jessica Seracino, dubbing her a "nightmare".
Sources close to the bride revealed that Jessica felt “uncomfortable” around Simon upon first meeting. Source: Nine.

During their honeymoon, Jessica began messaging her friends and telling them that she didn’t feel comfortable, especially about having to be alone with him while sharing a room.

“They googled his name and found all of the disturbing tweets, TikTok and YouTube videos he’d made and sent it all straight to Jess,” the insider revealed. “They couldn’t believe what they were seeing.”

Jessica immediately showed producers what she had discovered online.

“She was in total shock,” the friend said. “Then when she recovered from the shock she was angry and went to producers and was like WTF is this? Are you aware of who this man is? Who the hell have you paired me with?”

Producers vehemently denied knowing anything about Simon’s disturbing past.

How Was Simon Blackburn Cast As A Groom On Married At First Sight?

Despite producers denying any knowledge of Simon’s TikTok content, the axed groom says he was actually recruited for the show as a result of those videos.

“So what happened was MAFS contacted me to be on the show once they had seen videos that I made,” he told Confidential ahead of the ninth series premiere.

The disgraced reality TV contestant also maintained that his videos about the LGBTQIA+ community are not an accurate reflection of his current personal views.

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