Disgraced Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom (and raging misogynist) Simon Blackburn has taken jabs at brides Tamara Djordjevic and Jessica Seracino on TikTok.

Simon was axed from the 2022 season of MAFS after a number of his vile tweets, TikTok and YouTube videos resurfaced late last year.

The controversial reality contestant clearly hasn’t learned from his mistakes, as he took to TikTok last night to slam Tamara while her MAFS wedding to Brent Vitiello was being aired.

In the clip, Simon takes part in a trend where users typically display something they don’t like then blow a “whistle” before disappearing.

Simon can be seen pointing at a TV screen paused on an image of Tamara, emblazoned with the text: “I turned around and this was my wife !!!” He then vanishes (much like his chance at a TV career) as Tamara’s face remains on-screen.

Disgraced MAFS groom Simon mocked new bridge Tamara on TikTok last night. Source: TikTok

In another bizarre video uploaded to his account (although filmed by someone else), Simon drinks a beer while watching the opening sequence for Married at First Sight‘s ninth season.

When his short-term MAFS wife Jessica appears on the screen, Simon and his gaggle of dudebros waste no time in taking digs at her.

Simon and his friends joked about his MAFS (ex)wife Jessica Seracino on TikTok. Source: TikTok

“She is going to hurt this man,” his friend remarks… hilarious (not).

Simon later exclaims: “She’s not all there,” when a clip of Jessica appears on-screen.

Simon Blackburn Was Axed From MAFS 2022 After Disgraceful Tweets and Videos Went Viral

Simon was identified as one of the new MAFS grooms after he was spotted in an early promo clip for the new series. However, it wasn’t long before he was outed as a controversial TikTok star.

In a series of videos obtained by So Dramatic!, the father-of-two repeatedly degraded women and referred to homosexuality as “filth”.

Simon Blackburn Married at First Sight 2022
MAFS producers claim they were not aware of Simon’s past prior to filming. Source: Instagram.

Only days later, Channel Nine confirmed to So Dramatic! that they had decided to remove him from the show after being made aware of the disturbing videos.

“When unacceptable social media content was discovered in relation to Simon Blackburn we immediately took steps to remove him from the program. We won’t be making further comment,” a Channel Nine spokesperson told So Dramatic!.

Despite producers denying any knowledge of Simon’s TikTok content, the axed groom says he was actually recruited for the show as a result of those videos.

MAFS 2022 Simon Blackburn
Simon was totally axed from MAFS‘ 2022 season. Source” Instagram

“So what happened was MAFS contacted me to be on the show once they had seen videos that I made,” he told Confidential.

The disgraced reality TV contestant also maintained that his videos about the LGBTQIA+ community are not an accurate reflection of his current personal views.

What Was Simon Blackburn Like on MAFS?

In November, So Dramatic! exclusively revealed that Simon and Jessica were matched during their short stint in the experiment.

In those two weeks, Jessica felt “uncomfortable” around Simon “from the get-go”, a source close to the bride said.

MAFS 2022 Jessica Seracino
Simon made his MAFS bride Jessica incredibly uncomfortable. Source: Instagram @jcino.

“He was extremely obnoxious, rude and aggressive and said a number of things that immediately set off alarm bells,” the source explains. “Everyone at the wedding was on edge and noticed something was off about him. The wedding was extremely awkward and the energy was off all around.”

After Jess found Simon’s series of foul videos she no longer felt safe in the experiment with him.

Producers then promised to remove Simon from the show and told him to pack his bags. However, they didn’t want to lose Jess so they promised to find her a new groom and get her remarried.

Good f*cking riddance, we say!

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