The latest episode of Married at First Sight Australia 2022 saw things get spicy between intruders Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos. Naturally, Twitter had a LOT of opinions about it.

Daniel was left in the dust after his official MAFS bride Jessica Seracino said buh-bye to the experiment (and him). So, he did what any sane person would do (not) and sought comfort in the arms of someone else’s bride. *Sigh*.

During the episode, Daniel also showed us that not only is he Mr Steal Yo’ Girl, but Mr Steal Yo’ microwave meals, too.

Everything about Daniel and Carolina‘s unholy union was utter chaos, and accordingly, Twitter came through with some top-tier commentary.

Keep scrolling to see how the Twitter-verse reacted to what is only the beginning of the messiest MAFS 2022 saga yet.

Jessica Seracino Left Married at First Sight 2022

Following her grilling at the commitment ceremony, Jessica had had enough. After continuously asserting throughout her (short) stint on the experiment that she “wasn’t a quitter”, the bride did just that — quit.

Prior to her exit, Jessica literally avoided taking any and all accountability for her part in why their relationship was a total dumpster fire.

As such, Twitter bestowed Jessica with the title no contestant wants: the villain of MAFS 2022. She wasn’t even on-screen for a week… Yikes!

Daniel Went to “Say Goodbye” to Carolina Before Leaving MAFS

Before he made his own exit from MAFS, Daniel wanted to “say goodbye” to Carolina and thank her for “providing support” to him during the preceding dinner party.

The interaction was awkward as helllllll and Married at First Sight fans had a lot to say about Daniel and Carolina’s budding relationship.

Daniel then tried to shoot his shot by (not so) subtly flirting with Carolina. Why are we not surprised…

Daniel and Carolina Both Took Shots at Dion Giannarelli

Carolina, who has been paired up with all-around king Dion Ginnarelli, started having a whinge to Daniel about her MAFS groom.

She complained (again) that Dion “never goes to the gym”. *GASP!*

In response, Daniel literally acted as if someone had committed a cardinal sin. Sorry, Dion may not have abs but at least he’s not a judgemental body shamer…

Carolina also took issue with the fact that Dion listens to 80s music. Girl, what the hell!

Daniel Assumed The Role Of YouFoodz Bandit Before Making His Exit

Before making his final exit from MAFS (although we are sure this won’t be the last we will see of him), Daniel decided to nab a sh*t-tonne of microwave meals from the apartment fridge.

He whispered, “Goldmine,” before yeeting himself the f*ck out the building as fast as possible. Honestly… we could not make this up!

Of course, Tweeting viewers called for Daniel to be given some kind of sponsorship deal. After everything he’s been through, he deserves it TBH.

Everyone collectively decided that he and Carolina deserve each other and we think Twitter is on the money with this one.

TLDR: Married at First Sight Twitter has declared that Dion is a king, Daniel and Carolina are perfect for each other and it is definitely a good thing that Jessica left the experiment.

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