Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Dion Giannarelli has slammed his bride Carolina Santos for thinking going to the gym is enough to sustain a relationship.

Since the mismatched pair entered the experiment, the Brazillian has been very vocal about the fact that she isn’t into the 33-year-old for a multitude of reasons. These include him being too short, he listens to 80s music and the most important fact — he doesn’t go to the gym.

Most recently, fans have watched on as Carolina struck up an affair of sorts with fellow intruder, Daniel Holmes. He is her type after all — i.e. works out.

Carolina Dion married at first sight australia 2022
Dion Giannarelli has slammed Carolina Santos for her gym fixation. Source: Nine.

Now, Dion has slammed his TV wife for thinking her and Daniel’s bond over working out is enough to keep the relationship alive.

“It’s unnecessary and there are so many other layers taken to make a relationship work other than going to the gym or what music they listen to,” he told Now to Love. “That is so minuscule in a relationship,”

He added that it’s more important to “connect on a deeper level” by “talking [and] getting to know each other”.

“I know plenty of people whose partners go to the gym and the other one doesn’t.”

He also claimed his bride “tried to find any little excuse” to kick him to the curb.

What Have Married at First Sight Fans Said About Carolina?

Even viewers were over Carolina’s fixation on being with someone who is a gym junkie.

Taking to Twitter, one user penned: “[Carolina] doesn’t need MAFS, she just needs to put… her Tinder radius at 1km at the gym”. LOL.

Meanwhile, others have suggested fans take a shot every time the bride mentions the gym and welp, we’d be passed out before the first ad break!

Some had just downright had enough.

Dion Reveals What He Knew About Carolina and Daniel’s Affair

Like the rest of us MAFS-crazed viewers, Dion watched on as Carolina disappeared to the gym for a secret rendezvous with Daniel.

According to the Melburnian, that was the first time he learned of his wife’s extramarital activities.

“That was the first time I saw it last night, just when the rest of Australia did. It’s all very new to me,” he said. “It definitely took me by surprise in terms of her texting and communicating with him and the phone call… I didn’t see that coming.

“It’s never easy to watch back and see that sort of betrayal, especially when you put your heart and soul into something.”

Dion married at first sight australia 2022
Dion was caught off guard by Carolina’s affair with Daniel. Source: Nine.

In episode 155 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one current MAFS contestant revealed that the rest of the cast was also in the dark about the affair.

“None of us heard them talking at the dinner party or had any inkling about what was going on,” the star confessed. “We were all too involved in everything else that was going on that we missed it.”

Apparently they “didn’t know anything” about their conversations until they “watched the same footage back at the reunion”.

God, we can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions!

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