Married at First Sight Australia 2022s Ella Ding reckons Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes knew each other before the experiment, and actually, the story checks out.

In an exclusive interview with Megan Pustetto and MAFS 2021 groom, Sam Carraro in episode 156 of the AFTERMAFS series on the So Dramatic! podcast, Ella revealed she didn’t really “believe” the couple’s alleged “cheating scandal”.

“I have this weird feeling, the way they just started picking up their chat the first time they met,” Ella said. “It was a little bit too perfect for me.”

“Maybe they know each other,” she added. JUICY!

“I just don’t trust the scandal, that it’s a scandal in the real world,” she dished. “Maybe they were f*cking dating before the show or something, because of the way that they just met at the dinner party. Everything that they said, like, ‘I’d usually go for you’. You don’t say that the first time you meet someone.”

“Everything that they said, like, ‘I usually go for you’. You don’t say that the first time you meet someone.” Ella said about Carolina and Daniel. Source: Nine.

“I found that really weird as well,” Sam agreed. “How did they build that much chemistry?”

Without holding back about Carolina, Ella revealed that the intruder bride was “a piece of work”.

“She blinks a lot,” she said. “You know when people lie and their nose grows? I reckon when she lies, she blinks.” Well, the more you know…

Sam, who found the blinking anecdote hilarious, then said: “Poor Dijon Mustard [Dion Giannerelli], who bought a $5,000 Gucci jacket, he didn’t even impress her!” LOL.

Dion married at first sight australia 2022
Dion couldn’t even impress Carolina with a Gucci jacket. Source: Nine.

The Contestants Didn’t Know About Daniel and Carolina During Filming

While usually it comes out pretty fast that two MAFS participants are meeting up outside their couples, apparently no one was aware that the thirsty pair were meeting up.

As reported in episode 155 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one contestant revealed that no one had an “inkling” what was really going on.

“None of us heard them talking at the dinner party or had any inkling about what was going on,” the star confessed. “We were all too involved in everything else that was going on that we missed it.”

Apparently they “didn’t know anything” about their conversations until they “watched the same footage back at the reunion”!

Well, there ya go!

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 156 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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