Married at First Sight 2021‘s Sam Carraro has revealed how his infamous feud with co-star Bryce Ruthven really began on the show.

Fans of the doomed marriage experiment will be well aware of the pair’s disdain for each other, which ostensibly stemmed from Sam likening his co-star to Gonzo, a large-nosed character from Sesame Street.

However, the blows continued well after the show wrapped up, with their stoush reaching breaking point during a scuffle following a celebrity boxing match in December.

Now, Australia’s very own Slim Shady has ‘fessed up on how things became so tense between the TV grooms.

In episode 135 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Sam revealed that fellow MAFS star Russell Duance was the catalyst for the feud!

Recounting the show’s Bucks Night, he said: “I was pretty pissed when I rocked up, and I’m sitting down. Then Russell comes in and he was on another level.

“He was so obnoxious and I thought it was hilarious,” he confessed, before explaining that Russell was the first to take a jab at Bryce.

Sam Carraro claims co-star Russell Duance was the catalyst for his feud with Bryce Ruthven. Source: Nine.
Sam Carraro claims co-star Russell Duance was the catalyst for his feud with Bryce Ruthven. Source: Nine.

“Russell comes up to him and is like, ‘Jeez, you’ve got a big nose, mate’. Russell said that first.”

Understandbly, Bryce wasn’t impressed with the comment, however, Sam tried to reason with him.

“I’m like, ‘It’s all good, man. Like, Who cares?’ He’s like, ‘Nah, man, that’s not good’.”

On the same night, Sam also mentioned to Bryce that he appeared “nervous”, which also struck a chord with the groom.

“That’s what the whole feud was over”.

Why Did Sam Carraro Continue To Call Bryce Ruthven “Gonzo”?

Sam claims that to begin with, he wasn’t aware that he and Bryce had any bad blood between them, even after Beck Zemek revealed Bryce’s intentions.

“She goes, ‘I’m just letting you know that Bryce is coming for you’,” he recalled. “I didn’t know that that was the situation [between myself and Bryce] but I still didn’t really believe what I was hearing.”

It wasn’t until Bryce began calling Sam out for being a “dickhead” during one of the inital commitment ceremonies, that he realised his co-star was trying to “embarrass” him on the show.

Sam Carraro says Beck Zemek warned him that Bryce was "coming for him". Source: Nine.
Sam Carraro says Beck Zemek warned him that Bryce was “coming for him”. Source: Nine.

“When I heard from Beck that he was coming for me, then we had the stoush on the couch, I then knew that we were going to eventually have an argument.”

The boisterous TV groom admitted to So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto that he began writing down insults to throw at Bryce in preparation for another confrontation.

“I knew that a weak point was his nose, so I thought, I’ll tee off on his nose,” he confessed, though he realises now it was something he could have steered clear of.

“In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t of bagged out his looks, but I mean, we were at at war.”

What Happened Between Sam Carraro And Bryce Ruthven At The Boxing Match?

On December 17, Sam won his fight against Love Island star Todd Elton at a Team Ellis boxing event in Melbourne.

Bryce, his TV wife Melissa Rawson, and several other former MAFS stars attended the event as spectators.

Following his win, Sam then challenged Bryce to a fight, after hearing his former co-star heckle him during the match.

Sam was originally meant to fight his foe in the ring, however, Bachelorette star Ciarran Stott told So Dramatic! on Thursday that Bryce pulled out of the match after saying yes, because Melissa was pregnant with twins Levi and Tate.

“As I was walking back to the change rooms, I was walking past where they were seated, [Bryce] got very animated, called me over,” Sam said. “Next minute, he’s out of his chair. He storms up, gets in my face, I push him away. Then he lunges at me.

“I’m not going to say a punch, but he definitely lunged at me.”

Sam later dubbed Bryce as “toxic”, while being the sole source of drama surrounding MAFS.

‘The one common denominator is who? Him,” he said. “He’s just the worst person and most embarrassing person ever come off reality TV.

“That’s a fact.”

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