Married at First Sight rivals Sam Carraro and Bryce Ruthven had a violent fight outside the ring at a celebrity boxing match in Melbourne on Friday night.

Their infamous feud which began during the show and has continued well after the cameras stopped rolling, came to a head at the Team Ellis boxing event.

Sam won his match against Love Island Australia’s Todd Elton, however, it wasn’t his only fight for the night.

After taking out the title, Sam then challenged Bryce to a fight.

“In the house with the big f***ing nose! That would be Gonzo there would it? That would be big Gonzo wouldn’t it?” Sam taunted Bryce from the ring.

“Gonzo” is the nickname Sam gave Bryce during MAFS, referring to the size of his nose.

“Do you want to get in here? Come in here mate! You f***ing pussy. Yeah, you’re full of s**t,” Sam called out to Bryce.

Sam was originally meant to fight Bryce at the match, however Bachelorette star Ciarran Stott told So Dramatic! on Thursday that Bryce pulled out of the match because his wife Melissa Rawson was pregnant with twins Levi and Tate.

“That would have been good, wouldn’t it?” Ciarran said of Bryce and Sam’s fight. “But he’s just had stuff with the babies. I think he’s still keen, I don’t think he doesn’t not want to do it. Maybe next year he might do it.”

After exiting the ring, Sam, 34, walked past Bryce, 32, and Bryce motioned for him to come over to the table he was sitting at. Sam stuck his rude finger up at Bryce who then stuck his back at Sam. Bryce then stood up from the table and approached Sam.

In footage taken by MAFS alumni Nick Furphy, the pair were seen erupting into a war of words, exchanging insults at one another before Bryce lunged at Sam, raising his arm at him.

Sam then defended himself, lunging back at Bryce.

Several bystanders stepped in to break the altercation up, including a number of former MAFS and Bachelor stars who attempted to pull the pair off each other.

Sam was then motioned away by boxing officials to move on before ducking under the rope and lunging at Bryce.

Bystanders attempted to break the pair up again, including Bryce’s wife Melissa who stepped into the crossfire to try to push Sam back off her husband before Bryce pushed her out of the way in an attempt to get to Sam.

“Guess these lads will be getting into the ring,” Nick captioned the video of the brawl.

Before Sam’s fight with Todd, Nick also posted a video saying “f*ck him up @toddelton” and “Bryce is calling out Sam to get in the ring.”

So Dramatic! has reached out to Sam and Bryce for comment.

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