If you’re an avid Married at First Sight Australia fan, then you’ll know that sh*t is about to go down between Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer notably a “glassing” incident at the MAFS retreat.

Yup, Domenica has been accused of trying to glass Jackson Lonie’s bae.

Now, in an exclusive interview with So Dramatic! in the podcast series, AFTERMAF(S) episode 156, bride Ella Ding has shed light on what actually happened.

“Next week is so hectic,” Ella dished, referring to the MAFS couples retreat.

“You’ll definitely start to see — especially with the retreat — the masks come down and you’ll definitely start to see what these women are like. And some who carry themselves to be, the nice and innocent and the more mature and independent or well-spoken, but they crumble and unravel.”

Olivia surprised MAFS 2022
“The masks come down,” Ella revealed. Source Nine.

When questioned by host Megan Pustetto, if she was talking about Olivia, Ella said: “I’m talking about a few different people.”

“There’s definitely a few different people where the viewers will be pretty taken back but with Domenica, you won’t be surprised. She’s fire. She says it how it is.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ella revealed that the “retreat is pretty gnarly, to say the least”.

“There’s a group divide that starts to happen at the retreat,” she said, and so is the infamous girl’s night which gets “pretty messy”.

“There’s a lot of yelling, a lot of screaming,” she said.

domenica mafs 2022
“Domenica, you won’t be surprised. She’s fire. She says it how it is,” Ella said. Source: Nine.

What Is the So-Called Glassing About?

During a riveting Married at First Sight Australia 2022 promo (below), Domenica is seen smashing a glass after a heated argument with Olivia.

“It’s not a nice way to speak to people,” Olivia tells her before Domenica responds: “So my voice isn’t okay?”

“No, my entire life I have been told my voice isn’t okay,” Domenica screams while slamming her wine glass down on the table.

After reports surfaced that Domenica had attempted to “glass” someone at the girl’s night, the bride denied the claims in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle.

“When it comes to those rumours, I’m going to lay down the line right now: I have never and I would never glass someone,” she said.

“That is just a complete fabrication, a lie, and it’s ridiculous. I’m going to just categorically say that that is completely and utterly false.”

Domenica MAFS 2022

According to the 28-year-old, this was the most “hurtful” rumour that has transpired since her time on the show.

“I would never and have never, and it’s just ridiculous. I’m pretty sure I can use my words over that kind of thing,” she said.

Talk about DRAH-MA!

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