After hooking up during the experiment, Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s resident cheaters Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos appear to still be going strong IRL.

As previously reported by So Dramatic!, the intruders are at the centre of the ninth season’s dramatic cheating scandal after failing to find love with their respective partners, Jessica Seracino and Dion Giannarelli.

While we are yet to see the fully-fledged spicy times unfold on-screen, rest assured it’s going to be a doozy!

Carolina Santos Daniel Holmes Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos are reportedly still together following MAFS. Source: Nine.

Past extramarital MAFS hookups have failed to translate to the real world. However, this controversial relationship seems to be thriving post-show.

As reported in episode 160 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a friend of Carolina’s has confirmed to host Megan Pustetto that the star-crossed lovers are very much still together.

“I know Carolina and they are very much still together,” the source revealed. “I haven’t seen her much since the show as she’s been with him all the time.”

They then added: “I have no idea how he handles her and has stayed with her. She’s such a ball breaker and hard work. Poor guy.” Yikes!

MAFS 2022 daniel and carolina
Daniel and Carolina have made a relationship work since leaving MAFS. Source: Nine

Carolina and Daniel Were Spotted Together in Bondi

Daniel and Carolina may be still together, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are living in harmonious, YouFoodz-filled matrimony.

In fact, one So Dramatic! spy revealed that they spotted the pair having a heated argument at Sydney’s Bondi Junction!

The source spilled that Carolina was “having a wild argument with Daniel in Zara,” and then proceeded to “literally drag him right out of there.” Sheesh, sounds more intense than a MAFS dinner party!

MAFS 2022 daniel and Carolina
MAFS‘ Daniel and Carolina were spotted arguing in the Bondi Junction Zara store. Source: Nine

Daniel Has Relocated to Be With Carolina

As reported in episode 155 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Daniel has relocated from the Gold Coast to Sydney. Interestingly enough, this is where Carolina, 33, currently lives with her son.

A source also dished that the 30-year-old has taken up a position as a fitness manager at a local Sydney gym. Coincidence? We think not!

Further confirmation that Daniel and Carolina are making a go of it outside the experiment is the fact they were papped together over the weekend looking as loved up as ever!

MAFS 2022 Daniel and Carolina
Daniel has relocated from the Gold Coast to Syndey to be with Carolina. Source: Nine

Why Do Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos Cheat On Their Married at First Sight Spouses?

In episode 152 of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto spilled some piping hot tea about how Daniel and Carolina’s affair came to fruition.

As we’ve already seen play out on TV, Daniel is off his wife Jessica after she dubbed him a “little bitch” for being “too emotional”.

Meanwhile, Carolina can’t seem to get over the fact that her hubby Dion is short and is convinced gals in the past have pretended to like him because he’s cashed up. Yikes.

At the intruders’ first dinner party, Daniel confessed to the Brazillian bride that while his wife wasn’t his “dream girl”, another contestant fit the bill — Carolina.

What Happens During the Cheating Scandal on Married at First Sight Australia 2022?

According to a contestant, the MAFS cheating scandal comes to a head during one of the upcoming commitment ceremonies.

“They [Carolina and Daniel] chose to stay with each other on the show,” the source said, before adding: “but then they left together and didn’t recouple or stay in the experiment.”

Al MAFS 2022 shocked
The cheating scandal comes out on the show and everyone found out during one of the commitment ceremonies. Source; Nine.

Then, following their exit, the couple chooses to re-enter the experiment, unexpectedly showing up at a commitment ceremony and then they ask to stay in the experiment together.

What did the other Married at First Sight Australia Contestants Think?

The contestant also revealed how the other couples felt when Daniel and Carolina re-entered.

“The contestants are like animals in a zoo screaming at them,” they said. “The experts were left gobsmacked.”

Because of this — and in a MAFS first — the ENTIRE cast walk out of the commitment ceremony. WOW!!

While there was a huge uproar, Carolina was the one who copped it the most.

“That’s why no one likes Carolina,” the source revealed. “She’s very disliked on the show because she cheated on Dion and he was so well-liked.

“Carolina had a tough time but she deserved it for what she did.” WOWZERS.

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