Married at First Sight‘s Mitch Eynaud has reached peak f*ckboy status after his Final Vows ceremony to Ella Ding was left on an ambiguous AF note.

After a rollercoaster of a relationship that left Ella unsure where she stood with her TV hubby, the 27-year-old kween still gave Mitch the benefit of the doubt. And so, she laid it all on the line during her vows, asking him to commit to her.

Mitch’s response, however, was lacklustre, to say the least. In short, he told his faux wife that he “can’t give [her] what she wants right now”. Yep, that was the sound of Australia collectively weeping.

ella mitch mafs final vows
Ella was left heartbroken after Mitch failed to make a decision on their relationship at the Final Vows. Source: Nine.

TBH, we just want to give Ella a big ass cuddle after her groom-turned-Eshay brah literally left her heartbroken.

Naturally, Twitter did what Twitter does best and delivered some top-tier drags for ol’ mate Mitch. But first let’s rehash what went down in the lead up to their Final Vows.

What Happened In the Lead Up to Ella and Mitch’s Final Vows?

After a blow-up at the final MAFS dinner party and a tense AF last morning in Skye Suites, Ella and Mitch were both on edge walking into the Final Vows. Ella had even removed her wedding band after returning home.

While contemplating his decision, Mitch blamed his TV wife for the breakdown of their relationship, and Ella, babes — run.

He complained that Ella needs “all these things in a relationship,” with “things” being some open communication and genuine affection. Yep, she’s asking for heaps (not)!

Married at First Sigth Australia 2022 Ella and Mitch
Ela and Mitch’s final morning in Skye Suites was tense. Source: Nine.

Ella’s Final Vows

Ella began her Final Vows by reflecting on their Married at First Sight Australia 2022 journey, admitting that she had missed her groom since leaving Sky Suites.

She pandered to his ego a little, before hitting him with the dreaded “But”.

“We have different needs that need to be met. Different expectations,” she said. “Having a disagreement in our relationship shouldn’t mean end game or I’m done.”

MAFS 2022 Ella and Mitch final vows
Ella went first to say her Final Vows to her MAFS groom Mitch. Source: Nine.

“Maybe you are not ready for the level of commitment I am searching for… but I see potential in us and am willing to take the risk beyond this experiment and see where this could go.”


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Mitch’s Final Vows

Okay, Mitch’s go.

“We have shared so many amazing moments together during this experiment… You excite me, you bring me out of my shell”.

Married at First Sight Mitch Eynaud
Mitch had a very blunt speech for Ella. Source: Nine.

The model continued: “Although you and I started out strong we definitely hit a few bumps along the way… And all these bumps seem to have a common theme — you saying that I don’t show enough affection, you not feeling good enough, you’re insecure.

“You have told me that you don’t think I am ready for a relationship… Then what do you think I have been doing here the entire time?” Is he trying to pull a Brent? If so, it ain’t working.

MAFS Final Vows Ella and Mitch
 Mitch avoided taking any and all responsibility. Source: Nine.

“It’s difficult to see a bright future with you when it seems the longer we spend with each other the more difficult the relationship gets and the more I realise maybe I am not the person you need.”

Eek, make it stop, please!

Mitch added that he didn’t see their MAFS pairing as a “substantial relationship”, but could not make a proper decision until he had been able to go back to his life, family and friends for a little bit.

MAFS 2022 Ella Ding
Mitch made our kween Ella cry – how dare he. Source: Nine.

“I will not be forced to make a decision I am not yet ready to make.”

He then asked her for “patience” and basically made no decision.

BRB, on our way to find Mitch’s backbone.

Twitter’s Reactions to MAFS‘ Mitch and Ella’s Final Vows

Fans took to Twitter during and after the doomed couples’ vows to gas up Ella — and sh*t on Mitch.

Fans Call for Ella to Be Australia’s Next Bachelorette

And well, can you blame them?

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