Mitch Eynaud has been a controversial character during his time on Married at First Sight Australia after making his disdain for the experiment obvious – however in his MAFS audition tape the groom makes it clear that he does, in fact, need the help of the experts.

Despite having slammed expert John Aiken as a “sham” and called all of the other contestants “idiots”, it is apparent that Mitch did, at one point, believe the show could help him find love.

After years of toxic relationships, the high-maintenance model was ready to get over himself and find the perfect gal.

MAFS Mitch and Ella
Mitch Eynaud has been matched with Ella Ding for Married at First Sight Australia 2022. Source: Instagram @ellamayding

However, it is still unclear if he believes he has found that in his bride Ella Ding.

Mitch Opened Up About His Flaws In a Relatiosnhip In His MAFS Audition Tape

In his MAFS audition tape, Mitch confessed that he is “very, very opinionated.” You don’t say!

“I push my opinions on people a lot”, he admitted. “Not really in a relationship, but kind of.”

He added that his dad has even told him he needs to cool it a little sometimes.

The groom, who was actually scouted for the show by producers, divulged that he is not a typical doting boyfriend.

“I don’t really show boyfriend traits when I’m with a girl,” he expressed. “I should be taking them out to dinner once a week and buying them gifts and doing all this sh*t for them. I just don’t do that.”

“Maybe it’s just me or I just haven’t found the person I actually want to do that for,” he shrugged.

When the gossip-thirsty producer pressed as to “what is going wrong”, Mitch confirmed he is, in fact, the *drama*.

“It’s me. It is definitely me,” he said.

“I have had three relationships and I ended them all. I suck at commitment”. Oooft, there it is.

ella ding mitch eynaud married at first sight australia 2022
In his MAFS audition tape, Mitch revealed that he has commitment issues. Source: Nine

“What’s the point of putting all of this effort into someone if you’re not going to get married and have a family?” he wondered aloud, adding: “Hence, why I’m single.”

In His MAFS Audition Tape, Mitch Revealed What He Wants Out Of the Experiment

Regardless of his hesitancy to go all-in in the experiment, in his MAFS audition tape, Mitch revealed that he does have hope for his long-term love life.

The 26-year-old elaborated on what he is looking for in a bride, revealing he hoped he “could find someone that was similar to him”.

However, he joked that he thinks that is impossible: “I haven’t found someone who is even remotely similar to me.”

MAFS Mitch audition tape
In his MAFS audition tape, Mitch revealed he wants a partner who is “crazy, but not too crazy”. Source: Nine

“I’m looking for a woman whos going to be confident, outgoing, adventurous, spontaneous,” he said – because that is exactly what Mitch is!

The groom also added that he wants someone who is “crazy but not too crazy. There’s a f*cking fine line there.”

He elaborated: “You can be crazy where it’s sexy but you’re not going over the top. I don’t like a girl who tries too hard.”

Showing an ounce of self-awareness, Mitch confessed that he has realised he just might need the experts’ help, after all!

“I need help because I think I have tried different things and I still can’t find the right person.”

“If these experts know what they’re doing,” (spoiler alert, they don’t), “they can sharpen their pencils and do something for me.”

Ah, hindsight really is 20/20 vision, isn’t it?

MAFS 2022 Mitch
Mitch admitted that he needs the help of the MAFS experts. Source: Nine

Who Has Married at First Sight‘s Mitch Eynaud Dated?

Given that in his MAFS audition tape Mitch pretty much confessed to being a kind of sh*tty boyfriend, we thought it only appropriate to take a deep dive into his dating history.

While the groom is matched to all-round queen Ella in the marriage experiment, she isn’t the first stunning lady that Mitch has been linked to.

Mitch Ella Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Mitch and Ella have had a tumultuous relationship over the course of MAFS 2022. Source: Nine

In fact, MAFS‘ Mitch used to date a Miss Universe Australia finalist!

As reported by Megan Pustetto in episode 157 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a source has spilled that the 26-year-old dated beauty pageant star Caitlynn Henry.

Evidently, she is one of the three relationships that Mitch referenced in his MAFS audition tape.

Caitlynn was crowned Miss Global Australia in 2016 and is set to represent Queensland at the Miss Universe Australia 2022 state finals.

Prior to Caitlynn, the 2022 MAFS groom also dated Love Island Australia star Edyn Mackney.

Seems like Mitch has a type – famous and beautiful!

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