Mitch Eynaud may be looking for love on Married at First Sight Australia 2022 but he previously found a spark with a fellow reality TV star.

Turns out, MAFS hopeful Mitch used to date Love Island Australia‘s Edyn Mackney.

The pair were together almost ten years ago but still keep in contact, with Mitch even hitting up Edyn before beginning his stint on Married at First Sight 2022!

Edyn spilled the tea to So Dramatic! about her fling with the MAFSnewest victim contestant, and she came through with the pics to prove it!

Love Island Edyn Mackney
Love Island’s Edyn Mackney revealed she dated MAFS 2022 contestant Mitch Eynaud. Source: Instagram @edyndenise

The former Love Island-er revealed to So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto: “I met Mitch & dated him in 2013 – we were 13 at the time.”

“We’ve remained good friends ever since!” Eden confirmed. There is clearly no bitterness between these reality TV exes — but how serious is a 13-year-old relationship really?

Picture Perfect Proof that Edyn Mackney Dated MAFS’ Mitch Eynaud

The Love Island Australia star and Married at First Sight 2022 groom met and dated in 2013.

The pictures of the two, obtained by So Dramatic!, are practically THE most 2013 pics ever (think grainy Instagram filters and overly gelled short-back-and-sides).

Mitch Eynaud Edyn Mackney dating in 2013

Mitch MAFS 2022
Edyn Love Island Australia
Edyn Mackney and Mitch Eynaud dated when they were 13 years old.

In one photo a very giggly Mitch can be seen leaning back on Edyn, who has her arms wrapped around his shoulders.

These two clearly always knew how to work a camera – their TV careers make total sense!

Mitch Eynaud Edyn Mackney dating in 2013

Mitch MAFS 2022
Edyn Love Island Australia
Mitch Eynaud and Edyn Mackney remained in contact after briefly dating in 2013.

In another snap, the young couple embraces while digging into a bowl of fruit.

For anyone who was on social media circa. 2013, you know these two would’ve been total #couplegoals back in the day!

It does appear, however, that the pair did not stop hanging out after breaking up sometime in the early 2010s.

In September of 2018, Edyn posted a boomerang of Mitch to her Instagram stories. The former flames appeared to be hanging out in a cafe with Mitch taking a very *serious* sip of his drink.

Mitch Eynaud Edyn Mackney dating in 2013

Mitch MAFS 2022
Edyn Love Island Australia
Mitch and Edyn broke up in the early 2010s but were still hanging out in late 2018. Source: Instagram @edyndenise

“Why so serious? @mitchelleynaud” Edyn captioned the snap.

These two are some very amicable exes – a total rarity in the reality TV world.

What Does Edyn Mackney Think We Can Expect From Mitch Eynaud on MAFS?

As Mitch prepared to disregard his dignity for Married at First Sight Australia 2022, he turned to his long-lost ex for advice. Given Edyn’s reality TV resume, we are sure her words of wisdom would be top-tier.

“He told me about MAFS before he started filming,” Edyn spilled. “He was a little nervous and wanted some advice as I’ve done Love Island and he didn’t know what to expect.”

Mitch Eynaud MAFS 2022 Married at First Sight Australia
Mitch is searching for love on Married at First Sight Australia 2022. Source: Nine

It seems that what we can expect is for Mitch to totally open himself up to his new bride.

“He definitely seems ready to let go of his fear of commitment so I honestly think MAFS is the best thing for him!” (We highly doubt that MAFS is the best thing for anyone, but go on.)

Edyn added that aside from being the proud owner of an absolute rig, 26-year-old Mitch is also actually a nice guy.

Mitch Eynaud MAFS
Married at first sight australia 2022
Mitch model
Edyn Mackney reiterated that MAFS 2022 hopeful Mitch Eynaud is super down to earth. Source: Instagram @mnaud__

“He is super down to earth, cheeky and is super upfront/honest which I think will do him well being on MAFS!”

She added that she is “super excited” to watch him on the show and that he seems “super happy so married life must be treating him well.”

WAIT… does that mean Mitch and his soon-to-be-revealed bride actually survived the experiment!?

Thanks for the tea, Edyn!

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