Married at First Sight Australia 2022 is filled with a fresh crop of contestants looking for love. However, love might not be all they’re looking for because it turns out a number of them are also professional actors.

So Dramatic! has discovered that for some of the MAFS 2022 contestants, it’s not their first time in front of the camera. According to our investigation, nine of this season’s participants have previous experience acting, modelling, influencing or performing on stage. Yep, nine out of 16! So we forgive you in advance for daring to ask ‘is MAFS fake?’

Whilst the show may not be exactly scripted, we definitely have suspicions regarding the intentions of some 2022 Married at First Sight contestants. You can’t convince us this lot aren’t here for a blue tick…

Olivia Frazer

olivia frazer married at first sight australia 2022

She’s been heavily criticised for her horrible behaviour on Married at First Sight this season, but could it all just be one big act?

Quite possibly! Because it turns out that Olivia was studying to become an actress back in 2013.

Sharing a photo of her study notes to Instagram, she captioned it: “Line learning on the bike #actress #learn #student.”

Well, then! That explains a lot!

olivia frazer gym mafs

Domenica Calarco

MAFS 2022 Domenica Calarco
Beauty guru Domenica Calarco is no stranger to being in front of the camera. Source: Nine

Sydney-based makeup artist Domenica Calarco is no stranger to being in front of the camera.

The 28-year-old has quite an extensive media resume, with titles such as an actor, extra, model, dancer, and TV presenter listed on her StarNow profile.

“I have done short films for Trop Fest in 2005,” she wrote on her profile.

The beauty guru even held a regular gig on Channel Ten’s Studio Ten as a beauty contributor across a number of segments.

In addition to her time rubbing shoulders with some of Australia’s biggest TV names, Dom previously posted a series of videos detailing her life and career on her YouTube channel.

The channel boasted an impressive 18k subscribers – before she was forced to wipe it by Married at First Sight producers after being selected for the show.

Married at First Sight 2022 Domenica Calarco StarNow actor
Domenica’s StarNow Profile reveals she has worked for Playstation and DOLLY Magazine. Source: StarNow

Her StarNow profile also reveals that in 2011 she did promotional dance work for Playstation.

Domenica has also worked as a model (I mean obviously, she is stunning!). Her portfolio includes work for DOLLY Magazine in 2010 and Girlfriend Magazine in 2011.

Now, she can also add being a MAFS bride to her resume!

Let’s hope Domenica doesn’t have to just act happy when she lays eyes on her new hubby Jack Millar at the altar on Tuesday night.

Holly Greenstein

MAFS 2022 Holly Greenstein
Cinema manager Holly Greenstein has quite an impressive acting resume. Source: Nine

Cinema manager Holly Greenstein has made it clear she is searching for a family man on Married at First Sight Australia 2022.

While we really want to believe Holly is on MAFS for the right reasons, it turns out it might not exactly be the only reason she is there. Holly has been working as an actress since 2010, so we can’t help to think that she may be using MAFS to increase her profile whilst looking for her perfect guy?

According to Holly’s IMDb profile, the 36-year-old has a handful of prior acting credits to her name.

Married at First Sight Autsralia Holly Greenstein actor

MAFS 2022
Holly Greensteins’s most recent acting work was for NBC’s Timeless in 2017. Source: IMDb

In 2010, she played Melissa Pike in The Devils 6 Commandments, followed by a role as Reporter’s Camera Operator In The Bondi Chronicles in 2013.

More recently, Holly had a brief stint in the NBC hit Timeless, in which she played a 1920s singer.

She sure seems like one talented gal!

We just hope her groom Andrew Davis is a little less sceptical of her Married at First Sight intentions than we are!

Selin Mengu

MAFS 2022 Selin Mengu
Turkis model Selin Mengu has a three-year-old son called Roman. Source: Nine

Brand new bride Selin Mengu is about to walk down the MAFS aisle towards her (hopefully perfect) groom.

And we hope he can keep up with her because the 32-year old is a total powerhouse!

On top of being a single mum to three-year-old son Roman, Selin has had an impressive career as a glamour model!

Selin Mengu MAFS Australia StarNow
Married at First Sight 2022 bride Selin Mengu has worked extensively as a glamour model. Source: iStudio

According to her iStudio profile, Selin has graced the catwalk for the likes of SOHO, Ivy Pool Bar, FATBOYE GROUP, and Toni & Guy. Whilst she’s not technically an actress, she does appear to have extensive experience in front of the camera which is going to come in handy on the show!

Way back in 2010 Selin also had a StarNow profile, however, it appears she has deleted it since filming MAFS.

Selin Mengu’s 2010 StarNow profile has been deleted since she joined MAFS. Source: StarNow

With her enviable curves and stunning features, the Turkish model is sure to make a stunning bride… here’s hoping she and her groom are on the same page!

Anthony Cincotta

MAFS 2022 Anthony Cincotta
MAFS groom Anthony Cincotta left his acting career to become a semi-pro wrestler. Source: Nine

Anthony Cincotta a.k.a Tommy Hellfire is sure to impress his future bride with his extensive acting and semi-pro wrestling history.

Before the 38-year-old beefcake made the move to wrestling, he racked up quite the impressive on-screen resume.

MAFS 2022 groom Anthony Cincotta a.k.a Tommy Hellfire StarNow
Anthony Cincotta, AKA Tommy Hellfire, has an impressive acting resume highlighted on his StarNow profile. Source: StarNow

According to his StarNow profile, Anthony has appeared in features such as Snake Eyes (2010),
Murderdrome (2012), and Iron Spyder (2014) where he played himself as Tommy Hellfire. More recently he acted in Sheborg (2015) and Evil Fred (2017).

If all goes well for him on MAFS, maybe he can get his own reality spin-off with his future wife – ‘Keeping Up With The Hellfires’ sure has a nice ring to it!

Selina Chhaur

MAFS 2022 Selina Chhaur
Married at First Sight Australia is Selina Chhaur’s second shot at reality-TV romance. Source: Nine

To prove that reality TV really is a small world, you need not look further than hopeful Married at First Sight Contestant Selina Chhaur.

Married at First Sight Australia will be Selina’s second stab at finding a man on reality TV.

The 32-year old was previously “married” on screen when she appeared on Channel Seven’s The Proposal in 2019.

On the show, she was engaged to Aaron Shaw (as in that Aaron Shaw from Love Island Australia).

The Proposal was kind of like MAFS lesser-known younger cousin, so let’s hope she has better luck at finding a partner (or Instagram fame) this time around.

MAFS 2022 bride Selina Chhaur has a youtube channel
MAFS 2022 bride Selina Chhaur has a YouTube channel where she posts hair and beauty content. Source: YouTube

Selina also has a YouTube Channel, which unlike Domenica’s, hasn’t been scrubbed from existence (yet).

We would’ve thought by now that Selina knows reality TV dating shows don’t always go to plan… but they do almost always guarantee an elusive blue tick!

Tamara Djordjevic

MAFS 2022 Tamara Djordjevic
Married at First Sight Australia bride Tamara Djordjevic has an impressive following on TikTok. Source: Nine

Self-proclaimed alpha Tamara Djordjevic may not be an actor exactly, but she certainly has experience in front of a camera.

The 29-year-old Queenslander is a part-time TikToker, boasting an impressive 29k followers and 167.7k likes!

If her TikTok content is anything to go by, the fiery blonde is going to bring PLENTY of entertainment to the experiment this season.

From skits to thirst traps, her TikTok account is packed with stellar content.

She also has a pretty cracking sense of humour to match her drop-dead-gorgeous looks, so she will certainly be one to keep an eye on. 

MAFS Married at First Sight Tamara Djordjevic Tiktok
MAFS 2022 bride Tamara Djordjevic posts skits and thristtraps to her TikTok account. Source: TikTok

In a TikTok posted in May 2021, Tamara lies on the floor with a sad song playing in the background.

“Please god if you give me one more toxic man I’ll change this one for good,” she captioned the video. 

Here’s hoping the MAFS gods can give Tam the toxic man she prayed for.

We wish Tamara the best of luck in her quest for the blue tick, sorry, love, on Married at First Sight Australia.

Mitch Eynaud

MAFS 2022 Mitch Eynaud
26-year-old MAFS Australia groom Mitch Eynaud is a professional model. Source: Nine

For the 2022 season, the Married at First Sight Australia producers really came through with the eye candy.

26-year-old Mitch Eynaud is a professional model who is certainly an excellent blue-tick candidate.

The hopeful groom is signed to Chic Models, one of Australia’s biggest talent agencies.

MAFS Married at First Sight Mitch Eynaud model actor
Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Mitch Eynaud is represented by Chic Talent Agency. Source: Chic Talent

We couldn’t help but notice some of the other famous faces Chic just happens to represent.

Mitch is certainly in good company alongside actress Laura Dundovic and The Bachelor’s Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards. He also used to date Love Island Australia’s Edyn Mackney and is mates with Chris Graudins.

It’s safe to say he is certainly already part of the reality TV pyramid scheme!

We have our fingers crossed Mitch is taking to MAFS with good intentions, and not just to get on the same level as his reality TV-famous friends!

Andrew Davis

MAFS 2022 Andrew Davis
Married at First Sight Australia groom Andrew Davis is a motivational speaker hailing from Texas. Source: Nine

Third time’s the charm for Texan-born podcaster Andrew Davis as Married at First Sight will not be his first time at the altar.

The 39-year-old, who has been married twice before, is a motivational speaker and podcaster so he is definitely comfortable with being in the public eye.

Andrew hosts Not A Fitness Podcast where he shares his passion for “stories about overcoming adversity and personal transformations”.

Married at First Sight Australia groom Andrew Davis has a podcast
Andrew Davis is the host of the Not a Fitness Podcast. Source: Apple Music – Not a Fitness Podcast

That’s actually quite sweet, and he seems like a good guy, but we can’t help but think a reality TV stint is the ULTIMATE podcast PR move.

BRB just signing So Dramatic! Podcast host Megan Pustetto up for MAFS 2023… 

Andrew can also count some reality TV royalty as fans of his podcast. MAFS’ Jules Robinson, The Bachelor’s Brittany Hockley and Big Brother’s Katie Williams all follow him on the ‘gram!

Brent Vitiello

MAFS 2022 Brent Vitiello
Married at First Sight contestant Brent Vitiello is a Syndey-based influencer. Source: Nine

Raging foot-phobe Brent Vitiello is yet another hopeful groom the producers seem to have plucked straight from the Instagram explore page.

The 33-year old boasts a whopping 53k followers on Instagram, so he’s no stranger to working the camera.

The influencer/model regularly poses up on the ‘gram showing off his lavish lifestyle.

MAFS brent vitiello instagram
Influencer Brent Vitiello shows off his lavish lifestyle to his 53k Instagram followers. Source: Instagram @brentleon_

He recently told followers that he knows Married at First Sight isn’t exactly the most conventional way to find a partner (duh), he has high hopes.

“Coming onto #MAFS is a way to meet someone new, work through my faults, face them head-on and learn how to be the best man I can be in a relationship,” he wrote.

Brent’s MAFS bio also claims that he “can’t stand pretentious people,” so his choice to go on Married at First Sight is a little… fishy.

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