Last night public enemies number one and two, Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie, made it to the Final Vows on Married at First Sight Australia 2022.

The couple has had a rocky run in the experiment, to say the very least. But alas, several scandals later, they made it to the Final Vows.

The couple’s speeches were packed with truth (and L) bombs. So, scroll on to see WTF went down!

Married at First sight final vows olivia and jackson
Olivia and Jackson had their final vows last night on MAFS. Source: Nine.

The Lead Up to the Final Vows

After leaving the experiment and being left to stew in her own thoughts, controversial bride Olivia started to realise that maybe (just, maybe) her “mean girl” antics throughout the experiment may have impacted how her hubby Jackson felt about her.

“If Liv’s behaviour was to become a common occurrence we would be having a different discussion,” Jackson told the camera.

Olivia went to catch up with her cousin Phoebe and mull over her decision, where she admitted that the ongoing “snide comments” she made towards Domenica Calarco had the potential to undo her relationship with Jackson.

Married at First Sight Olivia Frazer
Olivi reflected on her behaviour throughout the experiment. Source: Nine.

Meanwhile, Jackson continued to have conflicting feelings about his relationship following Olivia’s confession that she has had issues with her boyfriend’s friends in the past.

Turning to his family for guidance, Jackson conceded that he was worried because “she doesn’t forgive things very easy… she holds a grudge.” Oop! There it is.

married at first sight australis jackson lonie
Jackson struggled between his head and heart. Source: Nine.

Olivia’s Final Vows

On the morning of their final vows, Jackson admitted that he knew a relationship with Olivia could be problematic.

Meanwhile, Olivia was pining after her faux husband who she hadn’t seen in a week.

“Everything about my wellbeing hangs in the balance of what Jackson says,” Olivia told the camera.

Yep, this is totally a completely normal and healthy relationship dynamic…

Olivia Frazer MAFS 2022
Olivia brought up her spat with Domenica during her final vows. Source: Nine.

“The second I met you I knew you were something special…” her vows began. “Never in my wildest dreams did I hope for a partner that was so kind, compassionate and even-tempered”.

Then, somehow, the bride managed to take one final shot at Domenica.

“During this experiment, I feel I have been accused by others of being a vindicative grudge-holder with an agenda for revenge.

Married at First Sight Olivia and Jackson final vows
During her Final Vows, Olivia told Jackson that she loved him. Source: nine.

“I have been attacked and pushed to breaking point,” she continued, “but never once by you”.

“My dad told me once that if it is right it will be easy”. IDK if we would call Olivia and Jackson’s MAFS journey easy, but we digress.

THEN she dropped the L-bomb: “Jackson, I love you”.

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Jackson’s Final Vows

Then, it was Jackson’s turn to say his piece and the groom began by admitting that he and Olivia “hit it off” from the beginning and have had “plenty of good times” together.

“However, through all the good times we have shared there have been some moments that really made me think about us moving forward,” Jackson told Olivia during his MAFS Final Vows.

MAFS Jackson Lonie final vows
Jackson raised some concerns with Olivia during his Final Vows. Source: Nine.

“The way you have at times responded to challenges in the experiment and some of the snide comments that you have made along the way don’t sit well with me.

“I need to be brutally honest with you. Seeing you under the pressure in the experiment has not always brought out the best in you and it leaves me worried your tendency to hold grudges might one day end up with you holding a grudge against one of my friends.”

Jackson and Olivia ultimately decided to stay together outside of the experiment. Source: Nine.

Despite all this, he still opted to stay with her. Surprise, surprise!

Welp, congrats to the happy couple!

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