Olivia Frazer may have waited until halfway through Married at First Sight Australia 2022 to reveal her “mean girl” alter ego, but Ella Ding has revealed that her awry antics actually began as early as the Hens Night!

In an interview with Lauren Phillips and Jason Hawking on KIIS FM’s’Jase & Lauren in the Morning on Monday, MAFS‘ Kween Ella revealed that her co-star said some questionable things at the OG girls’ night.

“I find her nasty and she lies,” Jason admitted, before probing Ella as to whether Olivia’s villain persona was “actually her or the edit”.

“It’s definitely her,” Ella confirmed. “What you say… it comes out your mouth.”

She continued: “First impressions… she seems sweet. You do look at her and smile, but then the Hens Night was where she did share a few stories with us girls and it was a bit alarming.”

While Ella did not elaborate on-air, a contestant has revealed to So Dramatic! exactly what the 27-year-old said to her fellow brides.

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What Stories Did Olivia Frazer Tell At the MAFS Hens Night?

“The alarming things Olivia said at the Hens Party that Ella is referring to is the bridesmaid dress story and how she got engaged on a second tinder date.”

While both of these stories are now public information — thanks to Domenica Calarco spilling the tea and Olivia outing them herself — we can imagine that at the time they would have been quite shocking for the brides to hear!

Married at First Sight Australia 2022 olivia frazer
Olivia told the brides about how she once cut up a bridesmaid dress after being booted from a wedding party. Source: Nine.

This sounds like EXACTLY the kind of wacky sh*t MAFS producers would love to air, so why did Olivia’s tales not make it to the final edit?

Could it have been that they had to be cut so that Jessica Seracino could be reworked out of the Hens night? Or perhaps they just wanted to allow Olivia to bask in the glory of her sweetheart edit for a little while…

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