Married at First Sight Australia is the gift that keeps on giving, with Domenica Calarco revealing that her co-star Olivia Frazer was engaged prior to signing up for the experiment.

Dubbing herself a “romantic at heart”, it’s unsurprising that Olivia has found herself falling for her TV hubby, Jackson Lonie, so quickly.

However, her Married at First Sight relationship may not be the first whirlwind romance the 27-year-old has found herself caught up in.

In an interview with Hit Queensland’s Cliffo and Gabi radio show, Domenica confessed that she’s had it up to *here* with Olivia’s “smug married” act.

“Let’s just remember that she came to the hens [party] and actually said that on [a] second date, she got engaged,” the makeup artist revealed on Tuesday morning. “That didn’t go to air but I feel like people need to know that.” OMG!

Now, we know that dating was put on the backburner when Olivia became the primary carer for her terminally ill father, but no one said anything about her being engaged! Let alone after a SECOND date!

jackson lonie olivia frazer married at first sight australia 2022
Domenica Calarco says Olivia Frazer’s past engagement “says a lot” about her relationship with Jackson. Source: Nine.

Domenica then said that Olivia’s admission is “something that [she’s] never forgotten”.

“It definitely says a lot about her and Jackson are acting”.

Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer Will Go Head To Head On Married at First Sight

Referencing the spicy drama teased in recent MAFS trailers, Domenica confessed that “something starts rumbling” between her and Olivia.

“Look, by the end of this week at the Commitment Ceremony, you will start to see a little bit of heat… between us,” she dished. “We start having words and there is something that starts rumbling.”

In episode 142 of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto revealed who this season’s sh*t-stirrers are.

Married at First Sight 2022 is finally upon us and boy, do we have the dirt on who this year's villains are!
Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer are set to butt heads. Source: Nine.

As we know, outspoken Domenica and “fussy” bride Tamara Djordjevic are at the centre of the drama. However, Olivia will reportedly join the ranks of MAFS villains and contribute to the explosive theatrics.

One source dished: “It was the wives who were not chill and did not get along. They create all the drama.”


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