Olivia Frazer has shown herself to be Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s resident Regina George and we have dug up some of the bride’s old Facebook posts which prove she may have always been a “mean girl”.

Olivia has made some shocking comments during MAFS 2022. Notably, she called Domenica Calarco “white trash” and admitted that she once “cut up” an “ugly” bridesmaid dress and mailed it back to the bride.

Now, as reported in episode 160 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a source close to Olivia slid into our DM’s with screenshots of some questionable Facebook posts she made when she was at school.

MAFS 2022 Olivia
So Dramatic! has unearthed Facebook posts that MAFS ‘Olivia made in 2010. Source: Nine

It is imperative to note that these posts are from 2010.

Admittedly, most of us who came of age in the social media generation were probably partial to the occasional Facebook status rant and it’s not usually reflective of the person we are today.

However, we think that these posts do highlight that Olivia’s behaviour on MAFS is nothing new and has been ongoing for quite some time.

In a slew of Facebook posts made by Olivia in 2010 – which read like her very own Burn Book – the MAFS 2022 contestant can be seen referring to an unnamed woman as “a dirty mistress,” with another post reading: “I hate you, f*ck off out of my life”.

In another, Olivia pens: “Once a cheater always a cheater”.

The Central Coast local also commented on the post, calling an unnamed woman a “mutt”.

Married at First Sight Olivia
MAFS‘ Olivia Frazer referred to an unnamed woman as a “mutt” on Facebook. Source: Supplied

MAFS Bride Olivia Frazer Has Made Some Off-Colour Comments On Facebook In the Past

In another 12-year-old Facebook post, Olivia continued to use misogynistic language.

The Married at First Sight star uploaded a status reading: “I hate f*cking little wh*res”.

After a friend commented “little?”. Olvia replied: “fine, I hate big fat f*cking slutty wh*res…”

Jeeeez, and she wants to call out Domenica for HER use of profanity?!

Married at First Sight Australia Olivia Frazer

MAFS‘ Olivia Continued to Take Aim At an Unnamed Woman On Facebook

Olivia continued to vent via Facebook about what was seemingly a cheating ex-boyfriend. However, she passed the blame onto the “mistress” as opposed to the man himself.

The teaching-student wrote that “cheaters and their accomplices should be exterminated.”

In a separate post, she added: “every time I go on facebook I see something that b*tch wrote and it makes me so friggen angry.”

Olivia also referred to the girl as “a putrid sl*t”.

In one comment, the MAFS contestant tells a friend that she may “get her licence next week,” speaking to how shockingly young she was at the time.

She also continued to vent in the comments. It appears as though she was replying to another user, who’s comments have since been deleted.

Married at First Sight‘s Olivia Took Aim At Lara Bingle In a Wild Facebook Rant

Olivia’s series of wild Facebook status rants took a weird turn when the MAFS bride took aim at Australian icon Lara Bingle.

The rant was seemingly sparked by rumours that Lara had “flushed her engagement ring down the toilet. Apparently,” according to Olivia’s explanatory comment.

The MAFS bride continued her use of misogynistic language, referring to the model as “a walking ball of sleazy idiocy,” and “b*tch-face Lara Bingle”.

So, it seems that Olivia’s “mean girl” behaviour is not a result of the MAFS hysteria or producer’s dirty editing after all.

We sure wonder what Janis Ian would have to say about Olivia…

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