Olivia Frazer made waves after the first night of the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 couples’ retreat when she revealed that she had once cut up an “ugly” bridesmaid’s dress after she was kicked out of the wedding party.

During Monday night’s episode, the Sydneysider confessed she destroyed the dress after a disagreement with the bride, which revolved around “these awful brown bridesmaids dresses”.

“When I’d owned the dress for six months she asked me if I liked them and I was like, ‘I don’t, I hate them, they’re disgusting’.”

MAFS Olivia frazer
MAFS bride Olivia Frazer has revealed what really incited her to cut up her bridesmaid dress. Source: Nine

Olivia then said she was “fired from being a bridesmaid” and “cut” the dress up into “five pieces” before sending it back to the bride, kitchen scissors and all!

Appearing on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Tuesday morning, the 27-year-old explained that there was actually more to the story than she had let on in her MAFS confessional.

Aside from the fact that it “looked like a noose”, Olivia said the dress revealed her scars from a recent surgery.

“I just had a breast reduction so you could see my scars hanging out the side,” she said. “It looked like a Saw movie.”

She continued: “Look, it was just it was a god awful dress. It was hideous. And I bought it and had it and didn’t ever complain. And then when she asked me if I liked it, I was like, ‘well, no’.”

Consider this an official petition for the MAFS star to post a picture of the bridesmaid dress on Instagram because we NEED to see it for ourselves!

Olivia Revealed That It Was never About “The Dress”

While Olivia maintained that the bridesmaid dress was God-forsakenly ugly, the MAFS bride professed that her frustrations weren’t actually about the garment (for the most part).

“So the dress was kind of the catalyst,” she explained, “because she asked me like how much do you love it and I was like honestly not.”

“And then like three months later, we were having problems in our friendship separate from the bridesmaid dress. I was trying to talk to her about our friendship and she couldn’t speak about anything other than her wedding.”

MAFS Olivia and Jackson
Olivia said she cut up the bridesmaid dress “from frustration”. Source: Nine

“So it was out of frustration where… I crave a friendship and she’s like, ‘but my hens party and my bridesmaids and my venue’.”

Hmmm, sounds like this Bridezilla friend could fit right into Married at First Sight!

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