Married at First Sight Australia 2022 bride Olivia Frazer has spoken out following backlash over her involvement in a feud with co-star Domenica Calarco.

The MAFS 2022 Couples’ Retreat has been nothing short of chaotic AF, with Olivia and Domenica’s rivalry reaching new heights during the girls’ night.

ICYMI: Domenica smashed a wine glass after Olivia repeatedly called her “too loud” and “aggressive”. Then, when Domenica owned up to her actions and apologised, the 27-year-old continued to make snide comments under her breath.

Olivia Jackson Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Olivia Frazer has spoken out following backlash for her involvement in a feud with Domenica Calarco. Source: Nine.

These comments included, but were certainly not limited to, “This is bullsh*t” and “Can someone please pass the cyanide?”, which were met with harsh criticisms from viewers.

Now, the controversial bride has spoken out, thanking friends and family for their support in the wake of the drama.

Taking to Facebook under an alias, Olivia said she “appreciate[s]… those who are defending [her] in comment sections”.

“Thank you so much to friends and family who have reached out to send love,” she penned on Wednesday. “You are the reasons I’m alright and able to laugh at this warped reality unfolding.”

Olivia Frazer comment
Olivia Frazer commented on her MAFS appearance under an alias on Facebook. Source: Supplied.

In the post that was later sent to So Dramatic!, Olivia also called for people to “block, report and delete” any “hateful/violent messages” they receive in relation to the bride.

“I have no way to defend myself, so seeing you have my back means everything.”

Domenica Calarco Says There’s More To Come Of Feud With Olivia Frazer

In an interview with KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Tuesday, Domenica revealed that the “glassing” incident is “just the beginning” of her feud with Olivia.

“I think this is just the catalyst for much more to come,” she said. “[In tonight’s episode] you will see me apologise and like I’ve said to them, it was an act that I’d never… I wish I never did. But [Olivia] just couldn’t drop it.”

domenica calarco married at first sight australia 2022
Domenica Calarco says the glass-smashing incident is only the beginning of her feud with Olivia Frazer. Source: Nine.

While Domenica acknowledged that she “[doesn’t] condone” her behaviour and “really [wishes]” she hadn’t smashed the glass, she reiterated that Olivia’s words had reopened old wounds.

“It really got to me. My whole life, being told about my voice… that I’m loud, that I’m outspoken, you know, change the way you are, the way you are isn’t good enough,” she recalled. “It really triggered me.”

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