Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Domenica Calarco has revealed that the infamous glass-smashing incident is only the start of a fiery feud between herself and Olivia Frazer.

Monday night’s episode saw the Married at First Sight couples head on vaycay to the Couples Retreat and naturally, things descended into chaos.

Still riled up over Domenica’s criticisms of Carolina Santos at the Commitment Ceremony, Olivia appeared to have it out for her fellow bride. At a tension-filled girls’ night, the 27-year-old repeatedly asserted that the Italian’s voice was too “aggressive”, which eventually resulted in Domenica shattering a glass on the table in frustration.

domenica calarco married at first sight australia 2022
Domenica Calarco says the glass-smashing incident is only the beginning of her feud with Olivia Frazer. Source: Nine.

Now, in an interview with KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Domenica has confessed that last night’s jaw-dropping scenes are “just the beginning” of her feud with Olivia.

“I think this is just the catalyst for much more to come,” she said on Tuesday morning. “[In tonight’s episode] you will see me apologise and like I’ve said to them, it was an act that I’d never… I wish I never did. But [Olivia] just couldn’t drop it.”

While Domenica acknowledged that she “[doesn’t] condone” her behaviour and “really [wishes]” she hadn’t smashed the glass, she reiterated that Olivia’s words had reopened old wounds.

olivia frazer married at first sight australia 2022
Olivia repeatedly denigrating Domenica “triggered” the bride. Source: Nine.

“It really got to me. My whole life, being told about my voice… that I’m loud, that I’m outspoken, you know, change the way you are, the way you are isn’t good enough,” she recalled. “It really triggered me.”

Domenica Says Olivia Revealed Her True Self

Chatting to hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson, Domenica said Olivia’s behaviour at the Couples Retreat revealed her “true colours”.

“In this experiment, we’re there to challenge ourselves,” she said. “I think she just really showed her true colours.”

Adding that she’s “got a good bullsh*t detector”, something wasn’t adding up about Olivia from day dot.

“I just thought okay, like face value — she seems really nice and stuff, but then there would be little comments that I would think ‘oh, okay, this is not really adding up to… the person that she’s trying to portray.”

Olivia Frazer Weighed In On The Drama With Domenica

In an interview just minutes following Domenica’s, Olivia and her hubby Jackson Lonie dialled into the radio show via Zoom to weigh in on Monday night’s theatrics.

When asked whether things are set to “get worse” between her and Domenica, Olivia took a subtle jab at her rival’s glass-smashing incident.

olivia jackson married at firs sight australia 2022
Olivia and Jackson also weighed in on the retreat drama. Source: Nine.

“I don’t think that it gets worse than physical violence,” she said. “But it definitely… escalates even more than last night.”

Acknowledging that there’s plenty more going on behind the scenes that viewers don’t see, Jackson added that he also butt heads with Domenica while in the experiment.

“To be perfectly honest, me and Dom have probably more run-ins than what Liv and Dom do, but you just don’t see that.

“It’s just how it is, I guess.”

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