The fourth Married at First Sight Australia 2022 commitment ceremony saw sh*t hit the fan from absolutely every direction and Twitter had a lot to say about it.

TWO pairs of cast members went head to head in explosive showdowns with Domenica Calarco V Olivia Frazer as the main event and Carolina Santos V John Aiken on the undercard.

Even by the standards of a Married at First Sight commitment ceremony, Sunday night’s episode was intense. We saw the experts destroy both Kate Laidlaw and Mitch Eynaud, Cody Bromley arrive dressed as a traffic cone, and Samantha Moitzi shattering Al Perkins’ heart in real-time.

However, none of this came close to being as jaw-dropping as the beef that arose between the brides and the controversial MAFS expert.

So, scroll with us to see the best Twitter reactions to both of the Married at First Sight commitment ceremony feuds.

Carolina Santos Was Rude AF

When Carolina first took her seat on the sofa alongside “husband” Dion Giannarelli, the vibes were, to put it bluntly, off.

Dion attempted to make out as if the pair had an okay(ish) week. Carolina shut him down.

When Dion said the pair had danced together, Carolina cut in. The bride remarked that she had not vibed with Dion’s dance solo and was laughing AT her hubby as opposed to WITH him. Ouch.

When pressed as to why she was being mean, Carolina said that she was “speaking her truth” and was “comfortable” with how she had treated Dion. 

Expert Mel Schilling called her out on her BS, as did plenty of MAFS fans on Twitter.

John Aiken Came With Receipts

During the ever-so-spicy segment of the Commitment Ceremony, we, and Twitter, were in shock that the experts were actually doing their jobs for once.

We didn’t think that things surely couldn’t get any more wild than Mel calling Carolina TF out. Turns out, we were wrong.

In a MAFS first, John whipped out his notebook (see also: burn book) in a bid to reaffirm that Carolina is The Worst.

The expert then readdressed all of the many, many reasons she had said that she and Dion were not compatible. 

TLDR; gym, coffee, hip hop, breakfast.

John (and MAFS Twitter) also slammed Carolina for saying she was just “speaking her truth”. The expert served the 33-year-old with a sly dig, telling her that she doesn’t need to deliver “her truth” with a sledgehammer. Damn, John!

Alessandra Rampolla Came In For Backup

BUT WAIT – there’s more of the experts being useful! Resident MAFS sexologist Alessandra Rampolla also swooped in to back up John.

We were shocked, MAFS Twitter was shocked, Bebe Al was shocked (seriously though, someone please hug Al). 

At the proceeding dinner party, Carolina had blamed her less-than-desirable behaviour on her being “a fiesta Latina”. 

Our MAFS Queen, Alessandra, was having none of it. She followed John’s lead and called Carolina out.

Domenica Calarco Slammed Carolina

Everyone’s best friend (and unofficial fourth Married at First Sight expert), Domenica, called Carolina out as well.

Domenica revealed that she had been bullied in high school and would not stand for bullying. The bride added that Carolina was exhibiting “disgusting behaviour”.

Carolina said that she wasn’t going to engage with her, before storming out.

Olivia Frazer Goes Head To Head With Domenica Calarco

Olivia then decided to chuck her two cents into the stoush, with claws vying for Domenica.

The bride, who was, at one point, the experiment’s sweetheart made her disdain for Domenica’s outspokenness clear.

It was time for the main event of the MAFS commitment ceremony and the gloves. Were. Off.

“You’ve just gotta hate somebody,” Olivia told Domenica.

The Central Coast local said that Domenica “went for Jess” and told her to butt TF out of this whole situation – whilst also inserting herself into the situation.

Domenica clapped TF back.

The Other Contestant’s Reactions Were Priceless

As picked up by Twitter, the other Married at First Sight contestants’ reactions to the back-to-back commitment ceremony feuds were priceless.

Al was all of us. Our favourite Himbo was confused, concerned, intrigued and more.

Brent Vitiello stated the obvious, pointing out that “sh*t was about to go down”. 

This Next Week Of MAFS Is Going To Be Unmissable

At the end of the commitment ceremony, we got a glimpse into the dumpster fire, drama-packed week of MAFS ahead. Twitter is not prepared. Neither are we.

Whilst John may be able to escape a round-two scrap with Carolina, Domenica and Olivia have not been so fortunate.

The brides are set to go head to head on the infamous MAFS couples retreat, with trailers even hinting at a glassing incident!

Married at First Sight Australia 2022
A “glassing incident” is set to take place on MAFS this week.

So, strap yourself in and grab a glass (or bottle) of wine because this week is going to be intense.

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