The first night of the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 couple’s retreat came through with the drah-muh and Twitter was confused, obsessed, shocked and more.

Between warring brides, brightly coloured Adidas tracksuits and one of the most awkward attempts at a cheating scandal we’ve ever seen, Monday’s MAFS episode was all-around bonkers. If you are still struggling to process WTAF went on, well, you’re in luck because Twitter is here to help.

MAFS Carolina and Daniel
Prior to the MAFS couples retreat, we saw that Carolina and Daniel are still attempting a cheating scandal. Source: Nine

So, scroll on and let the netizens of Twitter guide you through the first night of Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Couples Retreat.

Carolina and Daniel’s Weird AF Date

Before the 2022 contestants left for the retreat, the drama had already arrived.

The episode started with a bang (not literally, but nearly literally, IYKYK). Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes went on another date.

The pair’s rendezvous did not include any breakfast or hip hop and was somewhere other than the gym. We were shocked, Twitter was shocked, Carolina was (probably) shocked.

Watching these two flirt like a pair of 13-year-olds was literally the most painful thing ever.

They also *magically* forgot they were mic’d up and being followed by cameras… and had a cheeky pash whilst whispering how “horny” they were. Noice.

Meanwhile, Dion Was a King

Directly BEFORE Carolina’s not-so-spicy hookup with Daniel, she had tried to patch things up with her actual hubby, Dion Giannarelli.

The bride decided to do this in the form of a sh*tty food basket. We are surprised she didn’t opt for a YouFoodz care package, but whatever.

Dion was STOKED and OMG this poor, poor man…

FINALLY It Was Retreat Time – But Things Weren’t So Positive For Domenica and Jack

After joking that she’d lob a boche ball at Carolina, Domenica Calarco needed to vent to the girls about some issues in her relationship with Jack Millar.

The beautician vented that her husband “doesn’t make her feel sexy”. Sad face.

Seems like a normal chat, right? A quick gossip with the gals? WRONG! Jack was literally about a metre away and heard f*cking everything.

He was pissed. So, his best mate Brent Vitiello went to “feel her out” (weird choice of words, but we digress) and let Domenica know Jack was in the know.

Domenica went to try and iron out the tensions with Jack.

Somehow, she made it worse.

The bride bought up the host of underlying issues in the pairs’ relationship and Jack was blindsided AF (and MAFS Twitter died a little inside).

It all kicked off when Domenica tried to apologise and Jack said “like, no f*ck off” so she heeded his advice and f*cked off.

Olivia Made a Weird AF Admission

Confessing that she’s not always the “nice girl”, Olivia Frazer revealed that she once hated a bridesmaid dress that her friend had picked out for her wedding.

The teaching student lamented that the dress was “ugly and brown” and looked like “poo”.

So, she did what any normal girl would do and cut the dress up into pieces and mailed it back to the friend.

Girls and Boys Night Commenced

Following a long, hard day of drama, the contestants decided to “wind down” with their first girls’ and guys’ nights of the MAFS couples retreat and Twitter was living for the tension.

Jack vented to the boiz and Jackson Lonie actually offered positive and helpful advice.

At the same time, Jackson’s wife, Olivia, decided to brag about how spicy her sex life was, as if she just hadn’t listened to Domenica complain about her own…

Our fave MAFS babe Al Perkins did the worm and jumped in a swamp. Al is the saviour of the couples retreat and has our hearts 4ever. MAFS Twitter agrees.

Sh*t Hit the Fan Between Domenica and Olivia and Carolina

Ah, it wouldn’t be a MAFS couples retreat without a massive blowup, right?

Whilst the boiz were living their best life on their bros night, the same couldn’t be said for the gals.

After Olivia bragged to Domenica about her “glorious” sex life, tensions were already high. The brides turned the heat up by raising the issues between Domenica and Carolina that had emerged at the preceding commitment ceremony. *Sigh*.

The Italian called the Brazillian out (again) for being rude AF to Dion.

Olivia revealed she and Jackson had preempted the beef comparing it to “a great white shark and a crocodile” and said she was “excited to see it play out”. WTF?

They then yelled a lot. Olivia attempted to tone police Domenica, as she had several times prior to the couples’ retreat. MAFS Twitter collectively rolled their eyes.

Then, we saw the one move we’d been waiting for: Domenica smashing a glass on the table in frustration.

Glass went f*cking everywhere.

The other brides were shook.

The episode ended with a preview for Tuesday night’s episode in which Olivia called Domenica “white trash”. The classist undertones of this entire argument were not it…

“Aye aye aye” – everyone on Twitter. What a start to the MAFS couples’ retreat, eh?

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