One of the most bizarre constants across all nine seasons of Married at First Sight Australia is that the juiciest drama always seems to unfold in the gym.

“The gym” has been the phrase on everyone’s lips — namely Carolina Santos‘ — during this year’s marriage experiment.

Most recently, we’ve seen a cheating scandal between Carolina and Daniel Holmes evolve from a hot personal training sesh. However, the salacious rendezvous is certainly not the first (and probably not the last) MAFS drama that has unfolded in the gym.

MAFS Carolina and Daniel gym
Daniel and Carolina sparked rumours of a MAFS cheating scandal after a date at the gym. Source: Nine

Fans will remember past gym-goer Martha Kalifatidis asking Nic Jovanovic if he touched Jessika Power‘s leg back in season six, as well as Bryce Ruthven‘s admission of a secret girlfriend in 2021.

Now, we have an answer as to why sh*t seems to always hit the fan while contestants are getting their workout on.

Speaking to host Megan Pustetto in episode 156 of the So Dramatic! podcast, former MAFS contestant Sam Carraro revealed that the gym is the only place that the contestants can meet up outside of the dinner parties.

“That’s kind of the only place that everyone’s allowed to go and hang out with each other in private life,” the ex-groom dished. “You’re not allowed to hang out with each other anywhere else and talk about what’s going on on the show.”

Sam Carraro Answered Our Burning Questions About the MAFS Gym Sagas

Given that the gym is basically the Coogee Pav of MAFS (AKA THE hangout hotspot), we can’t help but wonder just how much tea the cameras don’t catch when the contestants link up.

Sam spilled that the cast is actually supposed to book a time to use the gym, so that they don’t run into each other.

Interesting (but not surprising) then, that MAFS producers would allow Carolina and Daniel to attend the gym together this season… we’re just sayin’.

MAFS 2021 Sam Carraro
Sam revealed that the gym is the only place contestants can hang out. Source: Nine

However, the 33-year-old did add that he “just never booked” and would go to the gym whenever as there were “people were in there to talk to.”

Accordingly, the cast would hang out whilst pumping some iron.

The former groom joked that they “were just chatting and talking sh*t and it was fun” so naturally, some tea gets spilled in the process.

Evidently, “talking sh*t” to full-blown drama is a very, very slippery slope.

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