Former Married at First Sight Australia groom Sam Carraro has a lot of thoughts about 2022 bride Ella Ding‘s relationship with he TV husband, Mitch Eynaud.

In episode 156 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Ella and Sam joined host Megan Pustetto on AFTERMAFS to discuss all of the scandalous drama unfolding on MAFS. During the episode, the trio chatted about Ella’s TV hubby and the fact he doesn’t like being followed around by the cameras 24/7.

While Sam thought that labelling Mitch a Baby Bryce Ruthven was “a bit extreme”, he did slam the groom’s behaviour and said that he should count himself lucky that he has “a really nice girl” in Ella.

Sam Cararo Had Some Strong Opinions Regarding Mitch Eynaud’s Character

Speaking about Mitch’s erratic behaviour on MAFS, Ella remained neutral when it came her on-screen beau.

The beautician admitted that Mitch is a “bit of a mystery guy” and she still doesn’t quite get why he acted weird AF during their time on the show.

Sam, AKA Slim Shady, however, did not hold back.

The 33-year-old admitted that Mitch “really annoys” him.

MAFS 2022 Mitch and Ella
Sam said that Ella’s on-screen husband, Mitch, “really annoys” him. Source: Nine

Of Mitch, Sam remarked: “He says like, ‘I’m not into drama, I’m not into this, it’s too much, I don’t like all these people talking about me.’ Like, you’re on f*cking Married at First Sight?

“He was like ‘these cameras are following me, why have you got cameras?’ Like mate, you’re on a f*cking TV show, are you off your head?”

“The DNA of the show is built on drama and toxic and fighting,” he said, adding that Mitch has a “piss poor attitude”.

He also noted that he thought Mitch was “hiding behind the fact that he is an introvert”.

You tell him, Sam!

The Pair Chatted About Mitch’s 48 Hour Ultimatum

On MAFS 2022, Mitch now-infamously told Ella he was giving their relationship 48 hours before he would decide whether to yeet himself out of the experiment or not.

The bride confessed that was “hard to watch” as the pair had not discussed what they had said in their “voxies”. In fact, the first time she heard Mitch’s camera confessionals was as the show aired.

Mitch was scouted by producers for MAFS which put a strain on his and Ella’s relationship

Ella said that following Mitch’s blow-up the model returned with the ultimatum and asked for “just five minutes” for the pair to talk off-camera. “But obviously, like producers and stuff, that was just not going to happen,” she joked.

Sam chimed in that Mitch’s outlook toward the show “is just completely unrealistic and ridiculous”.

“any human that is in a relationship that does want to talk about their feelings, I feel that if they are not open, no matter what relationship it is – on reality TV or real-life – you’re not going to last long.”

He also said that he thought Mitch was “gaslighting” Ella.

Ella and Sam Talked About Mitch “Regretting” Going On MAFS

As Married at First Sight continues to unfold, Mitch has maintained during a number of radio interviews that he “regrets doing the show.”

Chatting to Megan and Sam, Ella admitted that she has been disheartened by his confessions.

“Well, we just did this amazing experience and we did grow and try to overcome sh*t, but he’s just blocking it out. I think he does truly regret it.”

She also added that Mitch’s disdain for the experiment doesn’t entirely make sense, saying: “If you regretted it that bad, you get the option to opt in or opt out [of publicity]… You get to choose.”

Sam revealed that he thought Mitch was “piss weak” and “just doesn’t want anything that can potentially ruffle his feathers”. Damn, Sam.

Sam Carraro Said Brent Vitiello Is Better Than Mitch Eynaud

When the topic of the unfolding MAFS love square arose, Sam had only praise for MAFS groom Brent Vitiello.

Megan echoed everyone’s thoughts, saying that “Brent’s hot” and that he and Ella would make the best looking couple ever.

Sam admitted that he likes Brent and “he seems like a good guy”. Hmm, some much nicer words that he had for Mitch, that’s for sure.

MAFS 2022 brent Vitiello
Sam spoke highly of MAFS 2022 groom Brent Vitiello. Source: Nine

The former-groom added that Brent has “handled himself well” and he wished he had handled himself as admirably during his stint on the show.

He added: “I’d rather be dating Brent than Mitch, that’s for sure.” We can’t help but wonder if Ella will heed her friend’s advice… we sure hope so!

Want to hear more of Sam Carraro’s thoughts on Married at First Sight Australia 2022? Listen to episode 156 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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