During the second dinner party of Married at First Sight Australia 2022, Mitch Eynaud acted like a total d*ck to his beautician bride Ella Ding. As usual viewers on Twitter had plenty to say and absolutely went off about his repulsive behaviour towards her.

ICYMI: Ella innocently asked Mitch if he could see a future with her beyond the experiment, to which he abruptly responded: “We’re two weeks in. Who the f*ck knows? Who cares, to be honest?”

Mitch and Ella
The second dinner party of Married a First Sight Australia 2022 saw Mitch being a complete d*ck to wife Ella. Source: Nine,

“I care,” Ella answered, before opening up and sharing her insecurities with him in an attempt to have him understand her point of view.

“Well that’s your own f*cking problem for being insecure,” Mitch bluntly retaliated. What. A. D*ck!!

Twitter Reactions To Mitch Being a Complete D*ck To Wife Ella On Married At First Sight Australia

Naturally, viewers were appalled by his abrasive and demeaning responses to Ella and took to Twitter to call him out on it:

Twitter Calls Out Mitch Eynaud For Horrible Comments To Wife Ella Ding On Married At First Sight Australia 2022

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