While rumours swirled that Married at First Sight Australia 2022 stars Ella Ding and Brent Vitiello recoupled IRL, their respective partners, Mitch Eynaud and Tamara Djordjevic, were also spotted getting cosy.

However, here at So Dramatic!, we know not everything you see is to be believed.

As reported in episode 151 of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto did a little digging into this potential love square.

Last week, Ella and Brent were papped together at the beach looking very friendly slathering SPF on each other. Now, one source close to the alleged couple has spilled what REALLY happened when the pair lit up headlines last week.

Are Ella Ding and Brent Vitiello Together IRL?

As it turns out, another Married at First Sight star was also at the beach with Ella and Brent!

Yup. A source dished that Domenica Calarco was catching some rays with her co-stars but was omitted from the pics “for obvious reasons”.

domenica calarco married at first sight australia 2022
A MAFS insider revealed that Domenica Calarco was also at the beach with Ella and Brent. Source: Nine.

“Domenica was at the beach… as well, but she was cropped out of the photos… make it look like it was Ella and Brent on a date,” they explained. “If you look closely, you can see her in the corner of one of the snaps.”

The insider then confirmed that Ella and Brent are “definitely” only friends.

Ella Ding and Brent Vitiello’s Respective MAFS Partners Were Seen Hanging Out

To add more fuel to the partner-swapping fire, a number of So Dramatic! supersleuths reported that they had seen Ella and Brent’s MAFS spouses getting cosy in the wild.

Tamara and Mitch, who both live on the Gold Coast, were also spotted hanging out this week.

“I saw Mitch and Tamara hanging out on the Gold Coast,” an SD! spy confessed. “They looked like they were on a date having lunch together.”

Adding that it was “just the two of them”, the source said the pair looked “very friendly” and weren’t even “trying to hide they were together”.

Another MAFS fan reported that they also see Mitch and Tamara “hanging out all the time”.

“One time it was grabbing coffee, another it was just talking on the street.”

Are Mitch Eynaud and Tamara Djordjevic Really Hooking Up IRL?

Unfortunately for our drama-thirsty selves, there isn’t much to Mitch and Tamara’s rendezvous.

A current Married at First Sight contestant spilled that not only do Mitch and Tamara work in the same building, but intruder Dion Giannarelli also shares the same premises.

dion giannarelli married at first sight australia 2022
MAFS intruder Dion Giannarelli works in the same building as Mitch and Tamara. Source: Nine.

“They didn’t realise until after MAFS and now they bump into each other all the time and catch up,” the star said. “[They] had never seen each other before but now work in the same building and see each other most days.

“But mainly, Tamara and Mitch catch up.”

The cast member also added that Tamara knew the Gold Coast-based model prior to filming too, as her roommate is friends with Mitch’s ex-girlfriend.

Welp, it really is a small world after all!

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