During a guest appearance on The Hundred With Andy Lee, Married at First Sight Australia royalty, Martha Kalifatidis, made some wild AF admissions about her life.

Since coupling up with Michael Brunelli in the marriage experiment in 2019, Martha has made a name for herself as an influencer and fashion icon. Now, she can add “comedian” to her resume after her stint on The Hundred on Tuesday night.

Martha Kalifatidis The Hundred
Martha Kalifatidis made some wild admissions during her stint on The Hundred With Andy Lee. Source: Nine.

ICYMI: The late-night game show sees a panel of comedians and guests join former radio bae Andy Lee as they “explore the fun behind facts that make us tick as a nation”, alongside 100 everyday Aussies dialling in via Zoom.

However, during the instalment on March 1, we learned more about Martha, than we did about Australia!

What Dodgy Stunt Has Martha Kalifatidis Pulled When Returning Clothes?

Faced with a question on how many Aussies lie when returning items to a store, the TV bride admitted she had fibbed herself.

Comedy trio Sooshi Mango then poked fun at the star, musing that she returns items “because she’s Greek”.

Admitting that “it’s true”, Martha then ‘fessed up that she’d returned clothes AFTER wearing them!

“I have, I have,” she said, albeit after she’d strongly denied doing such a thing.

Martha Kalifatidis Admits She Was Suspended from High School

When sussing out how many of “The Hundred” had been expelled from school, Martha let slip a very cheeky fact about herself.

“I haven’t actually been expelled, I was suspended on my first day of high school,” she dished.

Martha Kalifatidis The Hundred
Martha Kalifatidis dished why she was suspended from high school. Source: Nine.

While initially declaring she “can’t say [why]” because “it’s horrible”, Andy managed to coax the reason out of the 33-year-old.

She confessed: “I got high with two boys from my woodshop class!” LOL!

Martha Keeps Her Chocolate Where?!

It’s an age-old debate — much like the question of where tomato sauce belongs — do you keep your chocolate in the fridge or the pantry?

Personally, we’re a pantry kinda fam over here and will turn our nose up at anyone who thinks fridge chocolate is superior. However, Martha confessed she totally bypasses both the pantry and fridge to store her chocolate in the goddamn freezer!

Noting that she “hate[s] melted” chocolate, the bombshell said: “I keep my chocolate in the freezer. I only eat cold chocolate.” Ummm, surely that’s a crime somewhere?!

Andy then questioned the reality star whether she preferred chocolate to sex, in which she wasted no time in answering: “Yeah.”

The hilarious admission comes nearly three months following her real-life engagement to her MAFS hubby, Michael.

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