During her stint on Married at First Sight Australia in 2021, Martha Kalifatidis garnered attention for her uncanny resemblance to none other than Kim Kardashian.

Three years since appearing on the worlds most cursed reality TV show (yes, MAFS beats KUWTK for that title) Martha is calling out her former idol.

MAFS Martha Kalifatidis
Married at First Sight Australia
MAFS alum Martha Kalifatidis has garnered attention for her resemblance to Kim Kardashian. Source: Instagram @martha__k

In an emotionally-charged Instagram Q&A the MAFS alum condemned the reality TV royal family. She accused the Kardashian clan of setting a “sick trend” for young women “when it comes to body modification.”

The 33-year-old said she believes Kim and her siblings are responsible for enforcing “horrible” beauty standards.

The call-out came in response to a fan who asked Martha how she was so confident all the time.

MAFS Star Martha Kalifatidis Calls Out Kim Kardashian On Instagram
Martha Kalifatidis accused the Kardashians of promoting unrealistic body standards. Source: Instagram @kimkardashianwest

Martha Kalifatidis No Longer Wants to be Associated With The Kardashian Clan

Martha, who was once referred to as the ‘Kmart Kim’, appears to be trying to distance herself from the Kardashian-esque aesthetic she used to align with.

MAFS Star Martha Kalifatidis Calls Out Kim Kardashian On Instagram
MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis called out the Kardashian clan in an Instagram Q&A. Source: Instagram @martha__k

“The dumbest thing is that we compare ourselves to what we see online which isn’t even real,” she wrote.

Martha followed her story with a pic of Kim K that featured an embarrassing photoshop-fail.

Martha captioned the warped photo: “Perfect bodies aren’t perfect. Lol”

MAFS Star Martha Kalifatidis Calls Out Kim Kardashian On Instagram
Martha shared a picture of Kim Kardashian where her leg has been warped by photoshop. Source: Instagram @martha__k

Martha also added that “your body doesn’t define you,” which is so true!

We love that Martha is taking a stand against unrealistic beauty standards, but we have to admit, MAFS Star versus THE Kim Kardashian wasn’t on our agenda for beef in 2022!

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