Married at First Sight Australia’s Al Perkins and Olivia Frazer have certainly been fan-favourites this season.

And while everyone has learned to love our fave man child Al, sweet Olivia has recently shown a different side to her.

Even though we get only a snippet of what actually happens on TV, Olivia came under fire for how she treated Holly Greenstein at the second dinner party.

Olivia came for Holly, taking Andrew Davis’ side and even went as far as to say that it was a “he said/she said” situation. *Eye roll*.

However, at the second commitment ceremony, Olivia apologised to Holly in a complete 180.

So, what is she really like?

What Is Married at First Sight’s Olivia Really Like?

As reported in episode 151 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a contestant revealed that this was “just the beginning” of Olivia’s story.

“Olivia can be nice but got some hectic bad bones in her,” they said. “She plays a huge role in the drama so they can’t make her the nice one that’s for sure.” Juicy!

Olivia MAFS 2022
According to our source, Olivia plays a huge role in the upcoming drama on MAFS 2022. Source: Nine.

According to our source, Olivia says some pretty “horrible” things throughout the season and also clashes with Kween Domenica Calarco, who isn’t afraid to call her out!

“They have a number of heated feuds during the experiment,” they said.

Sounds… fun!

Is Al Just as Sweet and Innocent as He Is Portrayed in Married at First Sight?

Thankfully when it comes to our good time pal, Al, he absolutely is as good-natured as they are making him out to be. Thank goodness, because him giving Holly relationship advice was just too pure for this world!

According to another contestant, Al was “trying really hard” throughout the experiment.

“Al is probably going to come across really bad,” they said. “But he is really a sweet, caring and sensitive guy. He means well and has a heart of gold.” Phew!

Al MAFS 2022
According to a contestant, Al was “trying really hard” throughout the experiment. Source: Nine.

While his match with Samantha Moitzi hit a roadblock during intimacy week and the subsequent commitment ceremony, Al does “try really hard to make things work” with her.

“”He puts a lot of effort in,” the source said. “He comes to the boys for advice all the time — especially Brent [Vitiello]. He’s always wanting to learn. He really does try.”

Aww, we LOVE to hear this!

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