Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s young groom may have famous influencers for sisters, but turns out bébé Al Perkins has some celebrity links of his own!

MAFS‘ resident manchild (and shoey enthusiast) lives in Bondi, AKA blue tick central, so it’s no surprise he has rubbed shoulders with celebrities in the past.

Al MAFS 2022
Married at First Sight Australia groom Al Perkins has some super random celebrity links. Source: Nine

In episode 146 of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto pointed out that Al looks like the younger brother of NRL player Craig Wing – a very niche reference, but IYKYK.

Lo and behold, as reported on episode 147 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the MAFS toolie has actually met Craig before! Small world, hey?

Not only has Al met the famous footballer, but he documented the interaction on his Instagram.

“Taking me under his wing,” he captioned the snap. Punny, we love it!

The pair totally look like long-lost siblings. Craig would fit right in with Al’s already famous fam.

MAFS Al celebrity links
Craig Wing Al Perkins
Al Perkins documented his meeting with his long-lost doppelganger, Craig Wing. Source: Instagram @al.perkins

We were not the only ones to notice the uncanny resemblance between the two.

A source spilled to So Dramatic! that “Al’s mates always tag him in Craig’s Instagram photos” and “it’s a long-standing joke” within their friendship group.

The source added, “one time [Al] was even walking at Bondi Junction and saw him and asked for a photo and Craig called him a pest”. Owch, LOL.

Al’s interaction with Craig is not the only celebrity sighting the 25-year-old has documented on his Instagram.

Turns out, he is quite the celeb connoisseur!

The wannabe-blue-ticker has also met and posed with X-Factor Australia judge Redfoo.

Al Perkins Redfoo
Al met X-Factor Australia judge Redfoo, posting a snap of the meeting to social media. Source: Instagram @al.perkins

Al captioned his snap with the musician “let’s get ridiculous,” which also sums up his approach to Married at First Sight dinner parties, apparently.

The 2022 MAFS groom clearly has a knack for sniffing out celebrity whereabouts, because he has also been pictured with NRL player Roger Tuivasa and singer Ellie Goulding.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it pic, Al can also be seen fanboying over rapper (and boyfriend of Queen Rhianna), A$AP Rocky.

Al ASAP Rocky
Al has been pictured fanboying over A$AP Rocky at a Sydney concert. Source: Instagram @al.perkins

Perhaps if Al had this same reaction when he saw Sam at the altar they would have gotten off to a better start… actually, maybe not!

At least if his career as a D-grade reality star fails after MAFS Al can use his celebrity links to get a job as a socialite…

Al Perkins Already Has an (Instagram) Famous Family

On top of his assortment of famous run-ins, MAFS‘ Al has celebrity links at home, too!

During his slightly awkward wedding to Samantha Moitzi, we couldn’t help but think that Al’s sister seemed a tad familiar.

His hot sister is none other than Leah Perkins, an influencer and model with over 200k followers on Instagram. The 22-year-old has worked with major brands including Bondi Boost and Lounge Underwear.

MAFS Al sister
Leah Perkins
Al’s sister Leah Perkins, who attended his wedding to Samantha Moitzi on MAFS, is a famous influencer. Source: Nine

Aside from looking like she was carved by the gods themselves, Leah is a family gal who appears to be more mature than her big brother.

She is also a Libra queen, which we love.

Al and Leah’s other sister, Mimi, is also an influencer boasting a whopping 222k Instagram followers.

Mimi and Leah both post pictures together pretty regularly, but neither seems to feature poor Al on their pages…

Given that his sisters are already famous (and his mum is totally iconic, as seen during his wedding) we think Al’s family should start their own reality show.

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