In the final Married at First Sight 2022 wedding, Al Perkins tied the knot with Samantha Moitzi.

Whilst Sam looked undoubtedly stunning on the couple’s big day, we couldn’t help but notice just how f*cking hot Al’s sister is.

Despite not being at all self-sufficient – he can’t even do his own washing or cook for himself for FFS – Al is looking for the perfect girl to settle down and have kids with.

Al Perkins MAFS 2022
Samantha Moitzi wedding MArried at First Sight 2022
Al Perkins married Samantha Moitzi on Married at First Sight 2022. Source: Nine

Whilst Al was INSTANTLY attracted to Sam, she worries he is a little “young” and lacking in “maturity”. And she would be correct.

The presumptively pointless pairing between Al and Sam did not go waste, however. We did at least get something from their wedding – we met Leah Perkins, Al’s hot sister.

Al Perkin’s sister Leah supported her brother (alongside their mum) at his wedding on Married at First Sight 2022. Source: Nine

Aside from looking like she was carved by the gods themselves, Leah is a family gal who appears to be more mature than her big brother.

There certainly is a theme to this years MAFS weddings: the guests are decisively more alluring than the contestants themselves. (Honourable mention for Levi Neufeld, who we fell in love with during Brent and Tamara‘s episode one wedding).

Who Is Leah, Al Perkins’ Sister from Married at First Sight Australia?

Leah is an influencer and model with over 200k followers on Instagram. The 22-year-old has worked with major brands including Bondi Boost and Lounge Underwear.

She is also a Libra queen, which we love.

The stunner is represented by The Social Agency and has a Famous Birthdays profile, so you know she’s pretty legit.

Pre-pandemic Leah was a regular festival-goer and rose to fame for her festival ‘fits.

Leah and Al Have Another Influencer Sibling

The Perkin’s sure are one (insta) famous family. Al and Leah’s other sister, Mimi, is also an influencer.

The 24-year-old has a whopping 222k Instagram followers and is equally as stunning as her younger sis.

Mimi and Leah both post pictures together pretty regularly, but neither seems to feature Al on their pages…

Poor Al is so desperate for a ticket to blue tick city. Maybe if one of his sisters had graced him with a socials tag he wouldn’t have had to resort to MAFS.

Given that his sisters are already famous (and his mum is totally iconic, as seen during his wedding) we think Al’s family should start their own reality show.

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