In an early promo video for Married at First Sight 2022, fans noticed that the bride and groom kissing were in fact real-life couple and husband and wife, Matt and Jess Price.

If you thought the genetically-blessed couple looked familiar, it’s because they competed in season seven of X Factor Australia, finishing third place.

Now, the two stars have spilled some spicy details about what went down BTS on the set of the MAFS promo shoot. Get the kettle ready because this tea is about to be *psst* HOT!

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, the couple revealed they were met with an icy reception on the set of Married at First Sight. Claiming they received some unwelcoming glares from the cast when they mistook them for intruders.

“I rocked up to the QVB and there were some contestants there, some of the girls and some of the guys and the daggers I got!” Jess revealed.

“Everyone was giving us eyes, going, ‘These are the intruders coming in to break up the couples,'” Matt added.

Why Were the Married at First Sight Contestants Being So Cold Towards Jess and Matt?

During the shoot, Jess felt the need to explain to the other brides that she wasn’t actually appearing on the show. She also noted that there were some other #awkwards moments during hair and makeup and she wanted to put their minds to rest.

“I really tried to make an effort because obviously, it seemed like they were pretty threatened by my presence,” she explained of the uncomfortable situation.

Matt was aware that at that current time the contestants hadn’t yet formed friendships or “found their groove” together, so it made their visit on set a bit difficult. Yikes!

However, once it was clear to the contestants that the couple were not actually intruders the whole atmosphere shifted.

Where was the wine throwing? Where was the yelling? The fighting? The gaslighting? This doesn’t sound like the MAFS I know! Thankfully, Matt said it will be “another drama-filled season”, and thank GOD!

Why Were Jess and Matt Price Involved in Married at First Sight?

Jess and Matt made an appearance partially due to COVID restrictions.

At the time, cast members were unable to physically touch each other because, as Jess explained, “They were all from different households.”

Jess and Matt price in the promo video for MAFS 2022
Jess and Matt Price appear in the promo video for the 2022 season of Married at First Sight. Source: Nine.

The other reason the ultra-talented pair made a cameo appearance was to prevent any spoilers.

“Obviously [the producers] didn’t want to give away who was with who because they were in the middle of shooting,” Jess added. Therefore, this was the most obvious way around that problem.

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