Known for its constant chaos, Married at First Sight returned to the small screen on Monday night. However, fans were left wondering why this year’s hens and bucks parties were so uneventful.

MAFS die-hards will be familiar with the fiery stoushes that are synonymous with these celebrations. More often than not brides and grooms will go head to head with each other after the slightest offensive comment.

So why did it feel like this year’s parties were not only tame AF, but also over and done with so bloody fast?

Known for its constant chaos, Married at First Sight returned to the small screen on Monday night. However, fans were left wondering why this year's hens and bucks parties were so uneventful.
Why were this year’s Married at First Sight hens and bucks parties so uneventful? Source: Nine.

Apparently, most of the footage from the events had to be edited out due to the appearance of axed contestants.

As reported by So Dramatic! in late 2021, one groom was booted from the series just two weeks into filming.

In a series of TikTok videos obtained by So Dramatic!, Simon Blackburn repeatedly degraded women and referred to homosexuality as “filth”. After his TV wife Jessica Seracino showed these clips to producers, the couple was dropped from the show.

According to a MAFS 2022 contestant, Simon and Jessica were the last to show up to the hens and bucks parties, so producers were only able to air footage that occurred prior to their arrival.

“That’s why the bucks [and] hens were so short… they had to edit them out,” they revealed.

What Else Didn’t We See At The MAFS 2022 Hens And Bucks Parties?

Due to culling most of the footage from the night, Married at First Sight fans lost out on seeing some “very heated” scenarios play out on-screen.

“They didn’t show any of the dramas that went down,” the source confessed.

One of the biggest blunders on the night was a shocking admission made by Tamara Djordjevic.

As reported in episode 142 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the 29-year-old told her co-stars she had no issue with going for another bride’s husband if her own wasn’t up to scratch.

Tamara’s co-star Ella Ding reportedly told the questionable bride that partner swapping “wasn’t cool” and the pair erupted into a “very heated argument on the night”.

“Very weird they didn’t show it,” a contestant said, adding: “Holly [Greenstein] also did a big speech… and it was not shown.”

What Happened Between Simon Blackburn And Jessica Seracino

In November, So Dramatic! exclusively revealed that Simon and Jessica were matched during their short stint in the experiment.

However, in those two weeks, Jessica felt “uncomfortable” around Simon “from the get-go”, a source close to the bride said.

“He was extremely obnoxious, rude and aggressive and said a number of things that immediately set off alarm bells,” the source explained. “Everyone at the wedding was on edge and noticed something was off about him.”

During their honeymoon, Jessica began messaging her friends and telling them that she didn’t feel comfortable, especially about having to be alone with him while sharing a room.

Dumped Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Simon Blackburn has lashed out at his TV wife Jessica Seracino, dubbing her a "nightmare".
Sources close to the bride revealed that Jessica felt “uncomfortable” around Simon upon first meeting. Source: Nine.

“They googled his name and found all of the disturbing tweets, TikTok and YouTube videos he’d made and sent it all straight to Jess,” the insider revealed. “They couldn’t believe what they were seeing.”

Jessica immediately showed producers what she had discovered online, but they vehemently denied knowing anything about Simon’s disturbing past.

Jessica Seracino Will Appear As An Intruder On Married At First Sight 2022

Given her short-term husband was booted off the show, there was no way Jessica could remain in the experiment. Or so we thought!

A source close to the bride revealed to So Dramatic! that two weeks after leaving the show, the young bride was “rematched with a new guy”.

“She remarried someone else as if nothing ever happened,” they revealed. “Jessica returns as an intruder and is made to pretend that the first marriage never happened. She was told never to speak of it.”

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